Adoption storylines can be found all throughout television and movies. However, adoption is not always as accurately or intricately portrayed as it appears in “real life.”

When you and your children watch movies like Paddington, Black and White, Annie or even Superman or catch up on shows like Glee or Modern Family, do you use these as conversations about adoption and what it means to be a family through adoption?

We want to hear from you! What are your tips for starting these conversations? Did any one TV show, book or movie help spark an adoption conversation? Email us at

Our staff, here at American Adoptions, highly recommends the documentary Closure (now available on Netflix) to jumpstart such a conversation. Last November, during National Adoption Month, our staff shared a private screening of the film and agreed that it helped to describe an adoptee’s experience searching for answers about their birth family and portraying the experience of a transracial adoptee.

Below are some other helpful links, which we hope will help you with the lifelong conversation every adoptive parent has with their child: