The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is a federal law that regulates adoption in the United States. If a domestic adoption occurs between two states, then ICPC compliance is required for the successful finalization of the adoption.

In simple terms, ICPC adoption allows for the legal transportation of a child from one state to another in adoption or foster placement.

When it comes to adoption and ICPC, the important thing to remember is to be patient. There’s no guaranteed timetable for the completion of this step.

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ICPC Adoption Process

Once the adoptive family has traveled to the birth mother’s state, the baby is born, and the revocation period has passed for the birth parents, then the baby is discharged into the adoptive parent’s custody, and the ICPC process can begin.

Typically, the ICPC adoption timeline is around 10-14 business days after the forms are submitted, and that’s where patience comes into play.

The wait time can be dependent on a number of things, from the capacity of the ICPC office to handle requests coming into any more paperwork that may be required from either side.

Your adoption opportunity may have been quick; it may have been in the works for a long time, no matter the case, you’re ready to get home and start your life with your new family.

But it’s important to remember that you should not reach out to ICPC offices in the sending or receiving state while waiting to head home.

When it comes to ICPC adoption, there’s nothing that you or we can do to make it go faster. But there are some general steps to the process that can help your understanding.

  • Step 1: We, or your adoption attorney, will gather the appropriate paperwork and submit it to the sending state, otherwise known as the birth mother’s state, ICPC office.
  • Step 2: The sending state will review the paperwork. Additional information may be required.
  • Step 3: The ICPC paperwork is sent to the adoptive parent’s state of residence, otherwise known as the receiving state.
  • Step 4: The receiving state’s ICPC office review the paperwork. Additional information may be required.
  • Step 5: The receiving state notifies the sending state of its approval
  • Step 6: The sending state contacts whoever submitted the paperwork.
  • Step 7: Adoptive parents are notified that the ICPC process is complete. You can now return home with your new family.

While it’s a waiting game for the necessary steps to be taken, our specialists recommend using that time to your advantage.

Once you get home, the everyday happenings of life will begin to pick up again, but however long you have to wait for ICPC approval in the sending state can be great for quality time with your new family.

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Tips for Adoptive Families and the ICPC Adoption Process

Leaving the state before the completion of the ICPC adoption requirements is not allowed. A form filed by both states is part of those requirements, and that form must be given to the judge at the adoption finalization.

While you wait the undetermined period of time for ICPC approval, here are some more tips on how you can utilize that time with your new family:

  • Use the time to take the baby to a doctor’s appointment.
  • There are no requirements for proximity while waiting for ICPC approval beyond staying in the state. Explore the area, and take some day trips!
  • Plan ahead. With an undetermined amount of time for the ICPC approval, make sure your employer knows beforehand, and you have arrangements with your job.
  • Visit with the birth mother, and depending on the level of contact agreed upon, don’t leave without the birth mother knowing you’re leaving.
  • Be mindful of revocation periods per state. Our specialists recommend staying past the revocation period in the event of the birth mother changing her mind.
  • Keep your home study up to date. ICPC cannot start without a completed and current home study. Home studies must meet the requirements of your home state and the birth mother’s state.  
  • Talk to an adoption specialist with any questions you have as newborn parents.

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