If you are passionate about adoption and want to give back to other families just starting the adoption process, please let us know!

Our Adoptive Family Coordinators keep a list of families that have successfully adopted with us and are open to speaking with and mentoring families that are considering American Adoptions and/or adoption in general.

These families are a priceless resource for families just beginning the process. Talking with someone who’s been through the adoption process helps tremendously, as does hearing about a family’s adoption journey and experience with our agency.

We welcome any and all families who have completed an adoption with us and wish to add themselves to this list. In particular, we would love to add families who are comfortable speaking on particular aspects of adoption, such as:

  • Pursuing domestic vs. international adoption
  • Switching from another agency to American Adoptions
  • Already having a biological child(ren)
  • Considering transracial adoption
  • Open adoption and contact with birth parents
  • Adopting a drug-exposed child
  • Coping with a longer wait time
  • Experiencing a disruption or failed adoption

To add yourself to our referral family list, please contact Adoptive Family Coordinator Justin King (Justin.k@americanadoptions.com).