Testimonial New Years BRIGHTERIt is now 2012: All of us have things to be thankful for from last year, and things to look forward to in the new year.

For Matt and Anne, they will always remember 2011 as the year they began and completed the adoption process which resulted in baby Lila. And as for 2012, they are considering adopting with American Adoptions once again.


Matt and Anne had planned on trying to start a family in their hometown of Dallas after two years of marriage. However, as each month of marriage passed by, and as many of their friends began having children, the excitement of adding a baby to their own lives grew.

For 18 months, Matt and Anne struggled with infertility. They attempted in vitro fertilization 5 times, and 10 infertility procedures altogether. All of them were unsuccessful.

Finally, the couple decided that ultimately, they “just wanted to be parents,” Anne said. It didn’t matter if it happened biologically or through adoption.

“We had just gone through so much; we just wanted to do something that would end with a child in our lives,” Anne said.