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Just in time for National Adoption Month, we’ll be hosting General Adoption Tele-Seminars as well as Home Study Tele-Seminars! 

Adoption Tele-Seminars!

If you or someone you know has wondered about adoption and wants to learn more, American Adoptions offers free, educational tele-seminars to educate families about their adoption options and bring people together across the country. These tele-seminars cover much of the same information as our Adoption 101 Seminars but allow you to dial into our telephone conference from the convenience of your home. If you are unable to attend one of our seminars in person, let us bring a tele-seminar to you!

To learn about an adoption tele-seminar with American Adoptions, call 1-800-ADOPTION or email an Adoptive Family Coordinator

American Adoptions will be hosting adoption tele-seminars on:

  • Thursday, November 7th
  • Thursday, November 21st

All of these adoption tele-seminars will be held at 8:00 PM CST.

To RSVP for a tele-seminar, contact Mike Aguilar at 1-800-ADOPTION or email To participate in the tele-seminar, dial 866.434.5269 and enter code 3796240 to join the conference call.

Website PhotosHome Study Tele-Seminars!

Let us help you begin the adoption process with an adoption home study!

A home study is a basic overview of your life and home environment. It includes a review of you, your spouse, and anyone else living in your home and highlights things like your relationships and interactions with children, your home and neighborhood, your own upbringing and childhood and your personal finances. A home study also verifies requisite documents and background checks needed for an approved home study. Every adoption requires an approved adoption home study as they help the court system, judges and our agency determine if a family can provide a stable environment for an adopted child.

The home study process can be intimidating at first for some families, but American Adoptions helps make the process easy and stress-free. Our Home Study Tele-Seminar will cover the process to obtain an approved home study in the state where you reside. We will also answer FAQs from adoptive families including the overall cost for a home study, the time frame to expect for completion, how to get started, and what each state specifically requires of adoptive families regarding supporting documents and home visits.

November Dates and Locations:

Florida Home Study Tele-Seminar: November 6th at 7:00PM EST

Kansas Home Study Tele-Seminar: November 12th at 7:00PM CST

Missouri Home Study Tele-Seminar: November 12th at 7:30PM CST

Arkansas Home Study Tele-Seminar: November 12th at 8:00PM CST

FOR EACH TELE-SEMINAR, PLEASE NOTE: Each call will be pertinent only to those living in the state being covered. Pre-registration is required. To pre-register, email Mike Aguilar ( or call 1-800-ADOPTION. Please provide your name, phone number(s) and how many will be attending. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our seminars for adoptive families as well.

To participate in the tele-seminar, dial (866)434-5269 and enter code 3796240 to join the conference call.