New Look of American Adoptions Online Adoption ProfilesAmerican Adoptions is constantly striving to provide families and potential birth parents with timely, accurate information and innovative resources regarding their adoption plan. One of the many ways our agency is able to offer such unique resources to our clients is by monitoring and studying feedback from clients and user statistics from visitors to our website. This constant evaluation allows our agency to identify trends and therefore offer all of our clients the top-level resources our agency is known for.

One recent innovation to be offered by American Adoptions is the addition of video profiles of our adoptive families. Since the launch of the video profiles, our agency has seen a dynamic shift in the way potential birth parents view adoptive families and select a family to work with. Over the past year, our birth parent clients have reported to us that when selecting an adoptive family, they first narrow their search to a handful of families via the printed profiles provided to them and then visit our website to view the video profile and make a final decision. Furthermore, the user statistics of our website supports this feedback, as our agency has seen an increase in traffic to both the video profiles and photos on the online family profiles.

Based on this knowledge, American Adoptions has redesigned our online profiles. However, never fear – the same amount and type of information is still available, it is just organized to accommodate these new user trends! Families will now see that the video profile and photographs are made available on the first page of the online profile, with the additional text information available further in. It is our hope that these changes will provide potential birth parents with more of the types of information they are wanting, which will result in longer visits to our website and exposure for our adoptive families.

American Adoptions is proud to be a leader in the adoption industry and will continue to provide all of our clients with the most innovative resources available to aid them on their adoption journey.

*Please note that the image is from a sample family who has already completed placement with our agency.