– The Adoption Process: Part 5 of 5

Post-Placement/FinalizationIf you have decided to grow your family through adoption, you have a long and exciting journey ahead of you. This five-part series is meant to give you the basics on the main steps of the process.

You’ve already taken your new baby home – all that’s left is a few more assessments and then finalization. Over the next several months, you will need to meet your state’s post-placement requirements, and then you will be able to appear in court to make the adoption official.

Read the sections below to learn about post-placement studies and finalization.

What is a Post-Placement Study?

A post-placement study is a series of assessments that your home study provider will conduct after you bring the baby home. The post-placement period usually includes two to six visits over a six-month period, depending on where you live.

In a post-placement assessment, a social worker will usually be checking to make sure that:

  • You and the baby are adjusting well
  • The child is developing normally or as expected
  • Your home has maintained the same standards to meet the needs of a child
  • You are prepared for the finalization process

When Do I Finalize the Adoption?

After the post-placement period, which is usually about six months, you will be asked to appear in court to formalize the adoption. This is commonly called finalization day, and it’s a day for celebration – once the process is finished, your adoption will be complete!

So there you have it – the basics of adoption, simplified to five steps. If you’re new to the adoption world, then this series on the fundamentals hopefully brought you one step closer to growing your family!