Staff Photos Brighid TitusWe want to bring you, our readers, into the day-to-day of our agency by sharing more about the people you get to work with through each phase of the process! This month we’re featuring Brighid Titus, a Birth Parents Specialist who has been with American Adoptions for several years. Read on to learn more about her job at American Adoptions!

What is your name and position?

Brighid Titus, Birth Parent Specialist

How long have you been working for American Adoptions?

7 years

What are your tasks at American Adoptions?

I guide birth parents throughout their adoption plan from start to finish. I provide birth mothers with emotional support and guidance. I also set up all the logistics of the adoption: connecting a client with an adoptive family, helping birth parents have their needs met with safety and stability, working with our attorneys who set up the legal process, speaking with medical professionals to arrange medical care, preparing for the hospital time, and coordinating everything for the delivery of the baby.

What does a typical work day look like?

I spend most days making calls to birth parents to check in and help them through the next steps. I communicate with adoptive families, attorneys, medical providers, and team members. Some days I meet with clients, go to hospitals, or go to court. My favorite part of each day is speaking with the women I work with… whether it be about something big or small. I love learning all about them and supporting them any way I can. I love going above and beyond to make their day a little brighter or help them solve a problem.  I love that I get to be a part of something so colossal and impactful: making a family!

What is your favorite part of working for American Adoptions?

My favorite part of American Adoptions is the energy. We are a dynamic group of people who are always evolving to better serve our clients and provide the best possible experience for everyone we work with. American Adoptions has a positive, interactive vibe, with teammates who support each other. We get excited to reach and exceed goals, and we always push ourselves and each other to be better.

What is your favorite time of year at American Adoptions?

Summertime! Summer weather and summer fun seems to permeate into work and lighten the mood. We also always seem to be extra busy in summer, which makes it exciting.

Do you have any favorite adoption memories?

More than I can count!!! One of my most favorite things is when an adoptive family I worked with will send me a picture of the baby. And years later… they are not babies anymore! It has brought tears to my eyes when I see the sweet beautiful children growing up, and hearing about all their milestones and accomplishments. I know that their parents and their birth parents are overflowing with pride and joy of these children and how they have grown. And THAT is what this is all about!

How many adoptions have you been a part of?

So far, I have been the Birth Parent Specialist to 225 women that have fully completed their adoption plans and placed their child for adoption with an adoptive family. It blows my mind thinking about it!

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your position?

I feel accomplished when I try new things, learn new things, and go outside my comfort zone… When I am faced with a problem that feels so big and complicated that I don’t believe there could be a solution, but I work though it and somehow I come out the other end… When I hear kind words from the incredible clients I work with and they say I made a difference in their life…When brave women I have worked with contact me years later and let me know that they are going to school to be a social worker because they want to do what I do. WOW – sometimes this job fills my heart so heavy and full that it feels like it could burst. What a tremendous job I have!