Memorial Day is just around the corner, marking the unofficial start to summer. Swimming pools open, school wraps up and long daylight hours allow for extra time outside. Your kids probably have a long list of things they want to do this summer. And while they are so excited to be away from school for a few months, odds are their wish list will soon be replaced by these two words — “I’m bored!”

So, before they can even utter those words, here’s a list of fun summer activities to have on hand. Some require adult supervision, but others are perfect to keep your kids entertained on their own.

Visit a farmer’s market – About this time of year, farmer’s markets pop up and are open during the week, as well as the weekend. Take advantage of the weekday hours, as it may not be as crowded as the weekend. Select some produce and find a recipe you can make with it.

Backyard camping – This is a quintessential summer activity. Set up a tent in the backyard, throw in your sleeping bags and flashlights, and enjoy a night under the stars. If you have a fire pit, or even a grill, make s’mores. Don’t forget the bug spray!

Have a lemonade stand – Another activity that epitomizes summer. Instead of pocketing the cash, consider giving the money to an organization like Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a national childhood cancer foundation dedicated to raising funds for research into new treatments and cures for all children battling cancer.

Play in the water – There are so many things you can do with the backyard hose! Play in the sprinkler, as you probably did when you were a kid. Have a water balloon fight. Make a homemade slip and slide. Give little ones paintbrushes and let them “paint” the house (patio, swing set, fence) with water.

Read – Most local libraries have a summer reading program for kids that lets them earn prizes for completing reading logs. Check your library for details, or create your own incentive program to encourage summer reading. Make a trip to the library a weekly to-do.

Make popsicles or homemade ice cream – There are hundreds of recipes on the internet for both sweet treats. Search Pinterest for either one, and you’ll have ideas to keep you busy for the next five summers. Share your goodies with the neighbors.

Do random acts of kindness – Help a neighbor pick weeds, volunteer to watch a neighbor’s pet, pick up trash at the neighborhood pool, recycle bottles, clean out closets and donate clothes, donate books to the library, spread kindness with kindness rocks…the list can go on and on.

No matter what you do this summer, relax and enjoy a laid-back schedule! Make a summer bucket list if you have some “must-dos.” Before you know it, school will be starting and you’ll wonder where the summer went.