Testimonial Tuesday

The wait for a child can feel like an eternity. But all adoptive parents will tell you the same thing, that their children were worth the wait.

American Adoptions encourages that both parents bend over backwards in order meet their baby together. But occasionally, there are exceptions. Jeremy and Lindsay’s story is one such case.

For Lindsay, the wait ended swiftly on a Tuesday in April with a call about a baby boy in Mississippi. As she rushed across states to get to her baby Kian and to meet his birth mother, Lindsay was accompanied only by her mother. For Paris, the couple’s biological daughter, the wait would be only three days longer, when a neighbor drove her down to join her mom and brother.

But for Jeremy, who was serving a tour in Afghanistan, the wait would be another five weeks. On leave, he spent 15 days with his son before returning to service. And in September of 2009, Jeremy came home for good. And the family– Jeremy, Lindsay, Paris and baby Kian– finally feels complete.

In this self-submitted family testimonial Lindsay also writes beautifully about another wait, the one between meeting your baby and being able to take him home:

Dear Mississippi,

I wouldn’t exactly say I was a world traveler.

I’ve been to several states in this country, many just passing through on my way to somewhere else, and others where I intended to be awhile for one reason or another. But I never intended to visit you, let alone stay with you for quite this long. There were times when I felt you were holding us prisoner, but there were times when I was grateful for your generosity and warmth.

After all, you gave us this wonderful child to take into our hearts and to keep as ours forever…”