National Grandparents DayBe sure to take the time to appreciate the grandmas and grandpas in your life! Here are just a few fun activities you can do with your kids to help them celebrate their grandparents:

  • Make cards – Store-bought cards can be thoughtful and sweet, but ones you make by hand are so much more personal. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to do something hands-on with your children.
  • Enjoy the weather – Summer’s almost over, and Grandparents Day is the perfect excuse to get the family out for some relaxing, low-key activity. Think about going to a park or having a small picnic.
  • Get busy in the kitchen – It seems like everybody has a memory of their grandma’s best recipe; today’s a great day to return the favor. Get your kids involved in making a tasty meal or treat to bring as a surprise!
  • Share your time – The greatest thing you can do to show your love and appreciation is spend some quality time together with the whole family.

Whatever you do this Sunday, remember to show your love and appreciation for grandparents and everything they do!