One way YOU can spread National Adoption Month awareness is to call a local radio station and ask them to play an adoption song in honor of national adoption month. What song would you request?

Just a few weeks ago, Adoptive Mom Stephanie shared how her adopted son, just six years old, was touched by Kip Moore’s song “Hey Pretty Girl.” Although her son had heard the song before, this particular listening resonated with him, especially as he realized that some day he might have a biological family of his own and someone who looked like him biologically. Read the excerpt of her letter below and have a listen to the song for yourself:

“But today was just an ordinary day, not one of the tough ones, and your song, Hey Pretty Girl, was on the minivan radio. When I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw Nicholas crying. I asked why he was sad and, in his infinite 6-year-old wisdom, my son told me that sometimes, people cry even when they’re not sad.

Wiping tears away he said, “I’m not sad, Mom. It’s just this song. It touched deep in my heart.”

He has heard your song before, but today he felt it.

He went on to explain as best he could, as he processed that one day, he could have a biological family of his very own.

“It makes my heart feel something, but I’m not sad. One day will I be married like the song man? And then I’ll really be in a family? My own family?”

I wanted to insist that he’s in a real family now, and I tried to remind him gently. But, no matter what I say or do, to him, it can never be the same. Kip Moore, today you gave my son the gift of hope: Hope that there will be belonging, and blood relation, and kinship in his future.”

Read Stephanie’s full post here.

While there are songs written specifically about adoption, many people feel adoption connections to other songs because of the mood they convey, the time they first heard it, etc. Michael Buble’s Haven’t Met You Yet reminds many adoptive couples of what they have to look forward to, even though it’s not a song specifically about adoption.

Meanwhile, Mark Schultz wrote “Everything to Me” about his birth mother. (Listen to the song or watch the story behind the song.) This list of Adoption Songs from Bethany Christian Services is a great collection of adoption-specific songs as well.