Building a family through adoption can be an exciting, rewarding opportunity. But, for many adoptive families, it can also be a lonely experience.

Here at American Adoptions, we encourage all of our adoptive families to reach out. Connect with the amazing community of adoptive parents who know exactly what you’re going through. You don’t have to go through this on your own.

But, maybe you’re not an adoptive parent. Instead, you might be a birth parent or an adoptee who’s curious about the struggles adoptive parents go through to build their family. You might not even be involved in adoption yourself; you might want to support someone who is.

No matter what your relationship is to adoption, you can still learn a lot from adoptive families.

To help you, we’ve collected a small amount of adoption-related social media accounts for and by adoptive families. Take a look below!

  1. @MyTwoDads: MyTwoDads tells the stories of Rod and Jake, an interracial couple, and their post-adoption life with their son, Jackson.
  2. @downwithjaxandniko: This Instagram comes from two moms and follows their two sons, Jax and Niko, both of whom were born with Down syndrome.
  3. @livesweet, Live Sweet: Lindsey Bonnice is a mom to four beautiful kiddos. You can check out more of her story and her photography on her blog. 
  4. @theluckyfewofficial: If you’re looking for relatable stories as an adoptive parent, Heather Avis has you covered.
  5. @mraechris: Meah Christensen is an adoptive mom who was adopted herself. Find plenty of cute pictures on her story!
  6. This Instagram is a collection of stories from all sides of the triad. No matter who you are, there are plenty of stories for you to read.
  7. @adoptimist: This is a great resource for parents who are interested in adoption. Adoptimist helps birth parents find adoptive families online, and the account shares photos of couples or people who are interested in this journey.
  8. Jen Hatmaker: Jen Hatmaker, an adoptee herself, is also an adoptive mom. You can also read more about her story on her blog.
  9. @kaitlin_harris: Kaitlin Harris is an adoptive mom to two kids. You can check out more of her story as part of a transracial family on her feed.
  10. @life_with_curlz: If you’re a transracial family, or if you’re thinking about doing a transracial adoption, there’s a lot of information you need to know. Follow Life with Curlz for some helpful transracial adoptive parent resources.

Of course, this is only just a small sample of the amazing adoptive families who are on social media. If you have favorites that didn’t make it on this list, let us know in the comments!