If you’re an LGBT individual and are considering having children, adoption may be the right answer for you. After all, many hopeful LGBT parents like you have successfully added to their families through adoption, which allows them to finally bring home the little bundle of joy they’ve been dreaming about for so long.

At American Adoptions, we know that it’s not sexual orientation or any other demographic characteristic that makes a perfect parent — it’s the dedication to providing a safe, loving home for a child forever. Therefore, if you’re ready to become a parent as an LGBT individual, adoption is most certainly an option for you.

We encourage you to call us today at 1-800-ADOPTION to learn more about how we can help you build your family. In the meantime, here are some questions you may have if you’re considering LGBT adoption.

1. Can I adopt if I’m an LGBT individual?

Yes! We’re honored to work with many LGBT couples at American Adoptions, and we are even approached by prospective birth mothers who are specifically looking to place their babies with same-sex couples.

2. How does LGBT adoption work?

LGBT adoption works the same way that any other adoption does, and you can be sure that our adoption agency will provide all the same support and guidance that we do for any other prospective adoptive parent. During the adoption process, you’ll:

3. Are there laws against same-sex adoption in the U.S.?

Today, all LGBT couples can adopt a child in the U.S. , whether through a private domestic infant adoption agency or through the foster care system. Recent Supreme Court rulings have struck down bans or extra requirements that made LGBT adoption in the past difficult. So, any prospective LGBT parent today can successfully complete an infant adoption without worrying about legal restrictions due to their sexuality.

4. Will I be discriminated against as an LGBT individual?

American Adoptions makes every effort to make sure that any prospective LGBT adoptive parents feel comfortable, respected and safe while working with our agency. We will protect your rights as a prospective adoptive parent from the beginning to the end of your adoption process and, when it comes to any services we can’t complete in-house, we only work with LGBT-friendly professionals. Your adoption specialist will always be available to you should you feel that you are being treated unfairly.

As mentioned before, your sexual orientation also won’t play a role in your wait time to be matched. Many prospective birth mothers today are open-minded and excited about having their baby be raised by a same-sex couple.

5. Are there any differences for adopted children who grow up with LGBT parents?

For many years, people argued against LGBT individuals having children because of unsubstantiated claims that a same-sex-parent household would have negative effects on the children as they grew up. Today, we know that’s completely inaccurate.

Multiple studies have shown that being raised by same-sex parents has no disadvantages for children; in fact, children of same-sex parents may even be more empathetic, confident and open-minded as they grow up.

Therefore, adoption professionals today are confident in the skills of LGBT prospective parents, and we’re happy to help place a child in need of a home into these parents’ capable arms.

If you’re considering adoption today as an LGBT individual, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We welcome intended parents of all sexual orientations, and we’re excited to help you create the family you’ve always wanted. Through our adoption program, all LGBT individuals can be sure that their parenthood dreams come true.

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