Video profiles have revolutionized modern-day domestic infant adoption. Gone are the days when a prospective birth mother only had letters and photos to choose from. Thanks to much-improved digital communication, an expectant mother considering adoption can now have a much more personal look at a family before choosing them to be her baby’s adoptive parents.

The benefits of adoption video profiles are numerous. For prospective birth mothers, being able to see a video of a family imparts a sense of confidence in her decision and a peace of mind that her choice will be great for the baby. Seeing a video profile also creates a sense of connection before pre-placement communication has begun, making semi-open and open adoption contact much smoother.

For adoptive families, the video profile is your chance to shine. You know how great you will be for a child. So put it on display! Videos allow you to truly capture your personality and home. It’s your chance to show a prospective birth mother exactly why she should want you to adopt her baby.

American Adoptions was a pioneer in video profiles. Long before most agencies, we saw the massive benefits this type of communication created for everyone involved in the adoption. We invested heavily in video profiles, and even made it a requirement for every family who works with our agency. Over that time, we’ve gained a sense of what makes a great profile.

Here are five things you can do to ensure that you put your best foot forward in your adoption video profile.

Record, record and record some more

The average 90-minute feature film requires around 25 hours of footage. That means for nearly every 15 shots, only one is used in the movie. And this is when it’s done by professionals! That means that if you are in doubt, you should hit record. It’s much better to over-shoot than to come up short.

Follow instructions

What happens with all that footage? Well, it depends on who you are working with. American Adoptions partners with Show Pro Media to help our adoptive families create the best video profiles possible. Show Pro handles the editing side of the process, so you can just keep recording and they will pick out the best shots.

Additionally, Show Pro sends each family camera equipment and in-depth instructions on how to shoot a great video profile. We can’t overstate how important it is to carefully read and diligently follow these directions. Video professionals have spent years crafting the instructions. It will behoove you to follow them.

What makes you, you?

Making an adoption video profile ends up also being a journey of introspection for many people. Making the video forces you to consider your daily actions and routines as you search for things to include. Embrace this time. Rather than coast through your day on autopilot, think hard about what it is that makes you unique.

As you discover things about yourself, include those in your video profile. A prospective birth mother wants to see what life will be like in your home for her baby.

Watch other videos

There are thousands of adoptive family video profiles out there. Take some time to watch what other families have done. Of course, you don’t want to be a copycat. Your video should be as unique as your family is. However, it can be helpful to see what other people have done. You may pick up some ideas along the way.

Do something unique

Go out of your way to find fun activities to show in your video. Take a trip. Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. If there is ever a time to go for it, the time is now. Use this opportunity to enrich your own life while also improving your adoption video profile.

This leads to another point — have fun with it! If you’re struggling through making the video, that will come through to a prospective birth mother. Keep your spirits up and have a good time. This is one of the first steps on a life-changing journey. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Keep these five things in mind and you’ll be well on your way to making a great adoption video profile. Of course, the video is only one step in a long adoption process. To make sure your video is put to the best use, call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an adoption specialist today.