While it’s not always easy to relate to celebrities, it can be pretty cool to see them advocating for adoption or surrogacy in the press. When it comes to building families, the more understanding people have of alternative methods, the better. Each of the following celebrities has made waves this year speaking up for either adoption or surrogacy.

1. Hill Harper

Harper, an actor known for his role in The Good Doctor, finalized his son Pierce’s adoption in the spring. “Looking back now, all the fears I had were ridiculously small compared to the joy of having him in my life and having the opportunity to be a father,” he told People magazine.



2. Thomas Rhett

While we never encourage parents to pursue adoption if they are still attempting to become pregnant, this is how it happened to work out for country star Thomas Rhett and wife Laura. The couple met little Willa Gray in Uganda over a year before she came to join her family in the United States.


3. Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels told Variety that he and his partner were the first same-sex couple to adopt in Pennsylvania after he became a foster parent to his brother’s children. This year, Daniels along with NBC’s “This Is Us,” was honored by Extraordinary Families, a nonprofit foster care provider, for his portrayal of foster care on TV.



4. Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb, a co-host on the “Today” show, adopted her daughter, Haley Joy Kotb, in February. Because Haley was born on Valentine’s Day, Kotb had this to say when calling in to her show: “She’s a Valentine’s baby, so she’s a little nugget. She is the love of my life.”


5. Jordy Nelson

Nelson and his wife adopted for the second time this year, finalizing their third son’s adoption in October. Because of the adoption laws in Texas, Nelson’s youngest child lived with the family for six months before his adoption was finalized. Nelson is also an ambassador for Jockey Being Family Foundation, which funds national and local nonprofit organizations that contribute to adoption services.



6. Queen Latifah

In October, Queen Latifah told People she is planning to adopt a child. The conversation stemmed from a story she told about meeting a busy mom in an airport. “She was trying to get her stuff together and we’re just having a polite conversation,” she told People. “And I said, ‘You need me to hold that baby?’ And she’s like, ‘Would you mind?’ And I’m like, ‘Give me that baby.’” She went on to say that she’s always pictured herself with a large family, and that she’s open to adopting a baby, a toddler, or a teenager.


7. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

As a reality TV star, Kim Kardashian has long been very open about her struggles with delivering her first child, North. After her second child with her husband, Kanye West, Kardashian’s doctors advised her not to become pregnant again. Instead, Kim and Kanye are taking to surrogacy to expand their family and announced in September that they had found a surrogate for their third child.


8. Madonna

Although Madonna completed the adoption of her daughter, Mercy, almost eight years ago, she and her daughter made headlines again in 2017. The star opened Malawi’s first pediatric surgery and intensive care unit and named it The Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care.


9. Shonda Rhimes

Rhimes is most famous for creating a TV dynasty all unto herself, including shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. She’s also adopted twice and most recently added to her family through gestational surrogacy. “It was equally as incredible as the experience of adoption,” she said. “Different but still just as special and as wonderful as adoption.”


These celebrities are raising awareness of the many different ways that a family can be created!

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