Congratulations to American Adoptions’ top 3 winners of this year’s Love at First Sight photo contest, as chosen by all of you!

Sara (mom) seeing Asher (son) for the first time.
Parents: Shawn and Sara

Mitchell (also adopted through American Adoptions) meeting baby sister Aubrey.
Parents: Rich and Michelle

“The look of awe and love on his face melts my heart every time I see this picture! He is such an amazing big brother. Still looks at her this way and she thinks he hung the moon.” -Michelle

First family photo session with Maricela.
Parents: Louis and Andrea

Thanks to everyone who participated! We love seeing American Adoptions “alum” grow up so loved. You can always tag us on social media with the hashtag #AmericanAdoptions if you want to share your family photos with other American Adoptions families.

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