Congratulations to American Adoptions’ winners of this year’s Love at First Sight photo contest, as chosen by all of you!

 Jack (now 7 months), meeting his parents, Juan & Tanya

“We’re in a car because the respite care worker who had him for the night didn’t want us to have to wait any longer to get to him so we met half way (1 and a 1/2 hours each) and we literally got him in a McDonald’s parking lot.”

Travis and Waylon

Loreen & Hayden (2 days old)

“First bottle! Pop-up adoption. SERIOUSLY LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!!”

Thanks to everyone who participated! We love seeing American Adoptions “alum” grow up so loved. You can always tag us on social media with the hashtag #AmericanAdoptions if you want to share your family photos with other American Adoptions families.

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