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As an Executive Director, Jennifer works closely with our adoptive family and birth parent specialists as well as local attorneys in Florida. She is there to build relationships and help expand American Adoptions of Florida; she has been extensively involved in the work that American Adoptions does, and her knowledge and support help families have a positive and fulfilling adoption experience. Keep reading to learn more about Jennifer and the life of an Executive Director!

What is your name and position?

Jennifer Kittredge, Executive Director, American Adoptions of Florida

How long have you been working for American Adoptions?

2 years

What are your tasks at American Adoptions?

Support and supervision for our Florida staff, growing the Florida office and the number of adoptions Florida handles, building relationships in Florida with local resources and attorneys, scheduling consent singing, training our local contract workers, Liaison with our licensing representative, carry a small case load of birth parents, approval of Florida Home Studies as well as post placements, yearly reviews of employees. (So a little bit of everything!)

What does a typical work day look like?

Supporting Florida staff with their case load, reviewing and approving home studies, reviewing post placements, scheduling local workers to meet with prospective birth parents, reading and reviewing cases notes, scheduling consent signings, meeting with local resources in the community to build relationships, call back prospective birth parents from online submission forms, and meetings…lots of meetings.

How has adoption impacted your life personally?

I am an adoptive mom. Our daughter, Emma is ten and came home from China in March of 2007 when she was 16 months old. We could not imagine our lives without Emma. She brings us so much joy and laughter every day!

What is your favorite part of working for American Adoptions?

Working with such an amazing, passionate team.

What is your favorite time of year at American Adoptions?

The holidays. It’s so fun to catch up with our Adoptive families and see how much all the children have grown.

Do you have any favorite adoption memories?

One of my favorite adoption memories is a sweet birth mom who placed her 2.5 year old twins. As difficult as this was for her, she felt in her heart that they needed a stable two parent home. Through many tears, I walked with her through her adoption journey. I am happy to say almost a year later she is doing amazing! She just visited the boys and has a wonderful open adoption. These are the adoptions that make my heart so happy.

How many adoptions have you been a part of?

I’m a part of all of the Florida adoptions since I staff and schedule our workers so I’m not quite sure.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your position?

Growing the Florida office. It’s been a great accomplishment and I can’t wait to grow even more!