Reasons Families Choose American AdoptionsFor twenty years, adoptive families across the country have trusted American Adoptions to help them along their adoption journeys, and we’ve been able to share their joys during National Adoption Month and throughout the year.

Here are the Top Twelve Reasons adoptive families pick American Adoptions:

1. Broad Exposure – Our national marketing gives our adoptive families extensive exposure – and shorter wait times.

2. National Services – We are a licensed domestic adoption agency that can provide services to both birth parents and adoptive families across the United States.

3. Experience – Each year, we are involved in more than 300 domestic adoptions, giving our agency unparalleled experience.

4. Financial Protection – We offer a limited-risk financial program, to protect adoptive parents in case of an adoption disruption.

5. Networks – We network with hundreds of adoption professionals across the country, which increases our adoptive families’ exposure to available adoption situations.

6. Short and Accurate Wait Times – The vast majority of our families adopt within estimated wait times, in large part because we work to maintain a one-to-one ratio of birth mothers to adoptive families.

7. Quality Service – We are a full-service adoption agency, which means we provide step-by-step instruction throughout the adoption process.

8. 24/7 Counseling – We provide counseling before and after the adoption for all birth parents we work with. Our Adoption Specialists are available to birth parents 24/7.

9. Passion – Among our large, passionate staff are men and women who have been touched by adoption personally as adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents.

10. Low Disruption Rates – Our experienced staff and attorneys have been involved in thousands of adoptions. They provide counsel for safe and secure adoptions that make all parties happy.

11. Profile Services – Our Adoptive Family Print and Video Profiles create personal connections between families and birth parents, which help to lower disruption rates.

12. Sound Legal Work – We follow the safest legal methods and only use the best, most experienced adoption attorneys in each state.

To learn more about these and other reasons that adoptive families choose American Adoptions, visit Why Families Choose American Adoptions, call an Adoption Specialist at 1-800-ADOPTIONS, or check out one of our free adoptive family adoption seminars:

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