Adoption disruptions are difficult to talk about. Most people like to avoid even considering the possibility, because the idea of it happening can cause so much stress and anxiety. It’s understandable — your whole heart is in this process, and you don’t want to imagine things going a different direction.

A female professional with gray hair looks intently at a husband and wife who have come to her office to meet.The truth is that adoption disruptions do happen. They are not all that common, but they do occur. The emotional toll of a disruption and the recovery process that follows are important subjects worth reading about.

In this article, we’re going to focus on something else: the logistics of an adoption disruption. When a disruption occurs, the first things to think about aren’t things like planning and finances. The first response when such a devastating turn has just occurred will be emotional. But, once the fog has cleared, we have to talk about the logistics, because a solid plan is the best way to protect hopeful adoptive families from even more additional stress.

So, what happens when an adoption disruption occurs? What are the financial implications? Can another adoption opportunity be found for a family? Can a family step away from the process?

How does this all work?

When a Disruption Occurs: Finances

Most people hate talking about money. It’s very personal, and it can be uncomfortable. In this case, it is so important to talk about. Based on the adoption professional you are working with, the way your money is handled after an adoption disruption will be very different.

For context, we’re talking about the adoption fees you may have already paid to an adoption agency before the disruption occurs. There are costs associated with adoption, and each agency will handle your money differently when a disruption happens.

Some agencies (and other types of adoption professionals) will not return any of your fees. They will simply make you take the loss — which adds immense financial pressure (one of the leading causes of anxiety in America) to the heavy emotional burden you are already carrying. That’s why it is important to consider the logistics of a disruption. You don’t want something like this to happen and turn a bad situation into a worse one.

Other agencies have a “rollover” policy. This is the most common approach to adoption fees in the case of a disruption. What it means, basically, is that the agency will hold on to your money and put it toward the next adoption opportunity. However, there are drawbacks to this plan. Most agencies cannot guarantee whether and when another opportunity will come up. Additionally, many families need time to heal after a disruption, and may decide that working with a new agency is the best plan. With rollover policies, a family’s funds will not be returned to them in these instances. Once again, this puts a family in a situation of emotional and financial distress.

At American Adoptions, we believe in always putting our birth mothers’ and adoptive families’ interests first. That’s why we developed a Risk-Sharing Program to ensure your financial security and freedom in the case of an adoption disruption. We don’t hold on to your money; we give it back. While we do everything possible to limit the likelihood of an adoption disruption, we can’t totally eliminate the possibility. But, we can protect you from the potential financial pressure that some agencies allow to come with disruptions.

When a Disruptions Occurs: Stepping Back

There are other logistical considerations to an adoption disruption besides finances. A disruption is a setback in a couple’s dream to become parents, but it is not insurmountable. What does it take to get back on track toward fulfilling your dream? For many folks, a temporary step back from the process is necessary.

At American Adoptions, your adoption specialist is here for you during this time. They have helped others through the roller coaster of emotions that comes with a disruption. With their counseling, your specialist can help you decide if it’s best to take a break before jumping back into the adoption process.

This break could be a couple days, weeks or months. It all depends on your situation and how you are coping with the loss of an adoption opportunity. There is no mandated wait time, but most families find it helpful to regroup after a disruption.

When a Disruptions Occurs: Starting Again

All it takes is for you to say, “We’re ready.” After a disruption occurs, a family doesn’t have to go through any additional steps to get back into the adoption process. American Adoptions’ specialists are always proactive about paperwork, so they will let you know if you have home studies expiring or anything of the sort. Once you feel emotionally prepared to begin again, your profile can be shown to new prospective birth mothers right away.

Of course, there is sure to be frustration with starting over. It may be another couple weeks or months before a prospective birth mother selects your family profile. All along the way, you will have the dedicated support of your adoption specialist.

An adoption disruption can be heartbreaking for hopeful adoptive parents, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your story. With our Risk-Sharing Program and excellent adoption specialists, your dream of being parents can stay on track.

If you’d like to learn more about this, you can always request more free information or call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with one of our adoptions specialists.