One of the best ways to gauge how an agency completes adoptions is through its adoption success statistics. As an adoptive family, this is vital information needed when you’re choosing an adoption agency.

Families who join our agency have experienced a 97% success rate which has resulted in creating more than 13,000 families. Below are a few reasons why an adoption agency’s track record matters and how our industry-leading success rates have fulfilled adoptive parents’ dreams of becoming a mom and dad.

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What Our Adoption Success Rate Means

Our adoption success rate can give you more confidence knowing you’ll be that much closer to experiencing the joys of parenthood. We know how long you’ve been dreaming of becoming parents, and we want to see that dream become a reality.

When you work with our agency, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re put in the best situation possible. Low wait times and financial transparency are a few of the key benefits we provide adoptive families. These benefits are a few reasons why our success rate is so high. Our proven track record shows that we know what it takes to create consistent adoption opportunities in a short amount of time.

How Our Agency Keeps a High Success Rate 

With our unmatched experience and ethical adoption services, we believe you deserve every possible chance to fulfill your dreams of becoming a mom and dad. With our 97% success rate combined with our 30 years of experience, we’ve consistently seen what it takes to create an amazing adoption experience for all our families. Overall, there are three key factors that contribute to our high adoption success rate.

1. Your Contract with Our Agency Never Expires

Many other adoption professionals use contracts that expire in two years. When you work with our agency, we won’t stop supporting you until your adoption has been successfully completed. Unlike other adoption professionals who cut their services off when the contract expires, we continue to support your dreams of becoming a mom and dad.

We even go a step further by offering post-adoption support to help you even after your adoption. Our complete support and all-inclusive services will put you in the best position to have a successful adoption process.

2. We Protect Your Finances

If you experience an adoption disruption, we protect your finances, allowing you to move forward when you’re ready. 100% of adoptive families will receive financial protection when they adopt through our agency. We understand that a disruption can be emotional enough.

While we can’t always protect you from emotional disappointment when an adoption doesn’t work out, we can protect your adoption budget by absorbing the costs to pursue a new adoption opportunity. Unlike other professionals, we never require you to repay fees. We are committed to your success and understand that you have a set adoption budget. Repaying fees and getting hit with hidden costs cripple that budget and ultimately prevent you from completing an adoption.

You’ll never have to worry about that with American Adoptions.

3. Accurate and Low Adoption Wait Times

When you adopt with American Adoptions, our industry-leading marketing combined with our in-house services has led to an average 9-12 month wait time. Unfortunately, many unlicensed adoption professionals lie, take guesses or simply don’t know about their wait times, leaving families reeling after enduring a long wait.

Nothing matters more to us than your family’s future, and we want you to be in the position to have the best outcome possible. Working with a licensed adoption agency like American Adoptions is the best way to ensure your adoption is safe, ethical and successful.

We are reviewed annually in 6 states which allows us to back our accurate wait time estimates with actual data. Additionally, our ability to market up to 800x more than our leading competitors is a significant advantage for you.

More marketing = lower wait times.

Less marketing = longer wait times.

With our non-expiring contracts, financial protection and low average wait times, we’ll make sure you’re in the best situation possible for a successful adoption.

Our proven track record of success in creating more than 13,000 families gives you confidence knowing we’re an agency equipped to quickly find you an adoption opportunity and safely and legally complete the process from start to finish.

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