Mothers’ Day is celebrated in May, but honestly, shouldn’t moms be celebrated every day? Their unending love and dedication to their children, and their ability to give of themselves, selflessly and tirelessly, every single day, is not to be ignored.

But there are women who also show unending love to their children but may not get the typical recognition of being a mom. They are birth mothers. They showed their love for their child when they chose to give them a better life through adoption. And they deserve to be celebrated. Every day.

Here are some ways to recognize and remember birth moms any day of the year:

1. Stay in touch.

If you have an open adoption, it’s likely you communicate with your child’s birth mother often through phone calls, emails or visits. Just remember to reach out on a random Tuesday in October, not just on holidays or birthdays.

2. Talk honestly about adoption.

Be open with your child about their adoption. Remind them of the selflessness showed by their birth mother when she placed them for adoption. There are many children’s books that help explain adoption. Reading these can help reduce the stigma sometimes associated with placing a child for adoption. And remember to use positive adoption language when talking about your child’s birth parents — the best way to celebrate mothers who choose to “give up” for adoption is to educate others about the realities of adoptions today. Let your child and others know that choosing adoption isn’t “giving up” at all. It’s giving a gift worth celebrating!

3. Establish a new tradition.

Think of something you and your family can do to honor your child’s birth mother. This can be surrounding a holiday (Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day) or a date unique to your family (birthday or adoption date). Depending on the level of openness in your adoption, you can choose an activity that works best for your family. Gather at a favorite restaurant, meet at a park, take a family photo, create an art project. If you are in a closed adoption, consider planting a tree or flowers, or offering a prayer or wish. The possibilities are endless.

4. Donate to a cause.

Consider honoring your birth mother by giving of your time or money to charities that support adoption. These charities raise awareness about adoption and foster care, provide support to women facing unplanned pregnancies, and even help orphaned children in other countries. Make a donation in your birth mother’s name.

How will your family celebrate birth mothers who choose adoption, today and every day? Let us know in the comments!