Adoptive Family Testimonials

There is no better way to learn about adoption, the adoption process and the emotions connected with adoption, than to read testimonials from adoptive families who have lived it.

The adoptive family testimonials below should give you insight and even help you understand what to expect from a domestic adoption. As you will read, there may be times of uncertainty and stress, but each story has a happy ending and a bundle of joy for new parents.

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Patience and Self-Confidence - How One Family Survived a Long Wait

Vicki and Adrian waited almost two years until they received an adoption opportunity — but, looking back today, they wouldn’t have changed the wait for anything.

A Twist of Fate - How One Family Adopted Two Sisters

When Marcus and Bethany received an email from their daughter’s birth mom, they didn’t expect her to ask them to adopt her unborn baby — but that’s exactly what happened.

Forgiveness and Family - One Couple's Long Wait for Adoption Success

In spite of a long wait including four disruptions, Kirk and Kristin are happy parents to two lovely adopted boys. They share their story about sticking it out no matter what.

Transracial Times Two - How One Family Adopted Two Children of a Different Race

Looking back three years after their second adoption, parents Ty and Ann offer their advice for other transracial adoptive parents of multiple children.

Bringing Home Braxton - How One Family Trusted Everything Would Turn Out Right

Darla and Easton knew that adoption was the right choice for them — but weren’t sure what path to choose. Read about how they found American Adoptions and their little bundle of joy.

Being Flexible - How One Couple Opened Up Their APQ Requirements

At 25 and 26, Ben and Brandy were younger than most adoptive parents. Despite their unique challenges, they’re finally happy parents.

Second Chances - How One Family Always Stayed Positive

Having three children already didn’t stop Krystal and Marc from adopting a baby girl. After a year of waiting and one disruption, their dream finally came true.

Taking the Next Step - Why One Couple Embraced a Pop-Up Adoption

Brad and Chemaine found themselves with an adoption opportunity one day after being activated with their agency. This is the story of how they met their daughter Layla.

A Blessing in Disguise - How One Family Proves There's a Match for Everyone

Keith and Jenn seemed to have the odds stacked against them — who would pick an adoptive family with a dad who was a wheelchair user and a son with disabilities? But one birth mother knew they were the best choice — and changed their lives forever.

All Worth It - Overcoming a Complicated Open Adoption

Communication challenges with their son’s birth family didn’t stop Jaime and Michael from a successful adoption. Bravely, they share their story here.

Normalizing Adoption - Why One Family Runs an Adoption Meet-Up Group

After a positive experience at American Adoptions, Jennifer and Rohit spread the feeling of family-oriented adoption by running a D.C. adoption support group.

Fostering Relationships - Why One Family Opened up to Birth Mother Contact

Like many adoptive couples, Katelyn and Matt were nervous about interacting with prospective birth parents. However, 11 months later, their bond with Marcus' birth mother is as strong as ever.

Bringing Adoptive Families Together - How Two Adopted Siblings Stay in Touch

Not long after finalizing their adoption, Erin and Jared took their six-month old daughter Charlie to a playdate with another adoptive family. The parents had a two-year old son named Henry, and these two kids had more in common than just adoption – in fact, Henry and Charlie share a birth mother.

It Takes a Village - Why One Adoptive Couple Turned to Crowdfunding

Faced with depleting funds from fertility treatments, Tara and Jeremy took a sucessful leap into adoption — relying on community support through a crowdfunding campaign and help from their supportive families.

The Boy in Blue - How Two Cardinals Fans Adopted a Royals Baby

As the Kansas City Royals prepared for their first post-season game in nearly 30 years, Drew and Shandra made a mad dash from St. Louis to Kansas City. For these St. Louis Cardinals fans, it wasn’t baseball that brought them to the city; it was the arrival of their son Jase.

A Lesson in Perseverance - One Family's Tale of Loss and Love

Adoptive couple Robin and Jake wanted to further expand their family but faced secondary infertility after having two biological children. That's where the adoption journey began for this former family of four.

The Best Week of Their Lives - What Happened with One Family's Pop-Up Adoption

For some couples, the wait for a match can fly by in almost an instant. For Mike and Ashley, this was true; the match call also meant their son was already born.

Taking a Leap of Faith - Why One Family Adopted a "Drug Baby"

When Kelly and Jim embarked on their adoption journey, they never imagined the leap of faith that they'd take to reach their son Mason. Initially, the couple had a more restrictive APQ, but with time, they opened up, even accepting heroin exposure in their son.

Can't Fathom More Love - What It's Like to Raise an Adopted Child

As the parents of a precocious and vivacious almost six-year old, Craig and Linda work to help Ellie feel confident in her identity, both as an adoptee and just a regular kid. Read their story to learn what it's like to raise an adopted child.

Sisters Forever - How One Family Adopted Two Siblings

Mike says that not too long ago he turned to his wife Silke and said, “Thank God you never got pregnant, because we’d never be in this situation. And I couldn’t imagine my life not being like this.”

Worth the Wait - How One Family Survived a Long Matching Period

In 2000, an innocent blind date between two strangers named Eric and Elizabeth led to marriage and a baby boy named Henry. When Henry was 3 years old, the couple tried for another baby but was unsuccessful. After a long adoption wait period, they finally became a family of four.

Keeping in Touch - How an Open Adoption Enriches One Family's Connection

Matthew and Katheryn have gone through these labor pains twice now and have two beautiful daughters, Verity and Gethsemane. They never could have guessed how opening their hearts and lives through open adoption, to birth and adoptive families, blended and extended, would enrich their and their daughters’ lives.

Twins Is What They Do - One Family's Journey into Adopting Multiples

After one disrupted twin adoption, Dan and Dawn found themselves blessed with another twin adoption of Indian-American twins Lily and Amy.

Bonding for Life - How Open Adoption Impacts One Family's Relationships

Bob and Nikki's adoption story is representative of the benefits that bonding with the birth parents can have on everyone involved in the adoption. In some cases, it can even be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful adoption.

When the Timing is Unexpected - One Family's Last-Minute Adoption Story

After adopting two children through American Adoptions, Andy and Nancy share their story of their pop-up adoption and raising two adopted daughters.

The Path to Becoming Parents - How One Family Moved Past Their Adoption Fears

After worries about infertility, loving an adopted child and potential disruptions, Craig and Cheryl found themselves adopting a perfect little boy named Chase.

Adopting an Adventure - One Family's Trans-Atlantic Adoption Journey

From Frankfurt to Louisiana to parenthood — Eric and Heidi had a whirlwind journey on their way to adopting their little girl, Abbi.

When Things Happen for a Reason - How One Family Overcame a Disruption

While adoption disruptions can be difficult, Scott and Tristen worked through the disappointment to an eventual adoption that proves all things happen for a reason.

The Biggest Surprise - How One Couple Had 2 Babies in 8 Months

Jim and Stacey could have never imagined how their adoption and pregnancy journey would turn out — but they found themselves gaining two new family members in less than a year.

A New Start - How One Couple Moved on from Infertility

Joe, Carlie and their 11-year-old son, Jalen, were sleeping soundly in a rented Manhattan apartment until 5:30 a.m. when their phone rang. Carlie quickly snatched the phone and answered it. Indeed, this was it - this was the phone call they had flown all the way from Kansas to New York City for.

Thicker Than Blood - How One Father Overcame His Parenting Fears

Infertility is undoubtedly a struggle for both the husband and wife, but sometimes for different reasons. Jason tells how he struggled with the idea of passing along the family bloodline until he discovered just how fulfilling adoption can be.

Adoption in the Fast Lane - One Family's Fast-Tracked Adoption Journey

Laura and Steven both enjoy moving fast in their sports cars, but their adoption process was moving faster than they had ever gone before as their baby daughter would be born in just over a month.
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    Have your heart set on a bouncing baby boy or a new little princess? American Adoptions now offers a gender-specific option for families hoping for a specific gender. With this option families would pay an additional Gender-Specific Fee to help our agency locate and work with birth mothers meeting this additional criteria. Please note that gender specificity may increase wait time. This fee is in addition to all other program fees and is not considered part of your adoption budget. Please contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION for minimum budget details.

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    No - American Adoptions has established relationships with some of the best adoption attorneys in the nation. It is important to note that adoption laws vary state-to-state and often even county-to-county. As such, it is important to utilize the services of an attorney that specializes in adoption in the state the adoption will finalize in, which we will not know until you are matched with an expectant mother. Retaining your own attorney at this time is not necessary and may be an additional expense to you that is not needed.

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