Adoptive Family Testimonials

There is no better way to learn about adoption, the adoption process and the emotions connected with adoption, than to read testimonials from adoptive families who have lived it.

The adoptive family testimonials below should give you insight and even help you understand what to expect from a domestic adoption. As you will read, there may be times of uncertainty and stress, but each story has a happy ending and a bundle of joy for new parents.

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Facing Fears & Fostering Relationships - Katelyn, Matt and Marcus' Story

Katelyn and Matt had a choice to make: in vitro fertilization or adoption.

Bringing Adoptive Families Together

Not long after finalizing their adoption, Erin and Jared Hart took their six-month old daughter Charlie to a playdate with another adoptive family. The parents had a two-year old son named Henry, and these two kids had more in common than just adoption – in fact, Henry and Charlie share a birth mother.

Our Journey to You - John, Anne and Daniel's Story

After being married for over three years and becoming settled into work and life in Georgia your Dad and I started to try for a family. I had a long history of female problems and was concerned that I could not get pregnant. This fear became a reality. ...

It Takes a Village - Tara, Jeremy and Zeke's Adoption Story

Tara and Jeremy had a secret.
Four years after getting married, the Florida couple was struggling to start a family. They had spent two years and thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, depleting their budget and borrowing money from their families — ...

Being Patient - Rebecca, Matt and Madeline's Adoption Story

When I think about the moment we decided to pursue adoption, I remember feeling anxious, scared, and most of all excited about the possibilities that were to come. The idea that I would be a parent at any time was a feeling that I would describe as a balloon getting ready to burst! I was over the moon excited.

Keeping the Faith - Sean, Susanne and Dylan's Adoption Story

“We’re going to have a family, I promise you that. There’s a baby out there who needs us the way that we need them. And I’ve got to say, there’s something really beautiful about people finding one another.”

Worth the Wait - Andy, Alicia and Levi's Adoption Story

Alicia shares the story of how their little man made their family whole. From abandoning infertility treatments, to getting "the call", to finally meeting their baby boy, Alicia takes us through it all.

The Boy in Blue - How two Cardinals fans adopted a Royals baby

As the Kansas City Royals prepared for their first post-season game in nearly 30 years, Drew and Shandra made a mad dash from St. Louis to Kansas City. For these St. Louis Cardinals fans, it wasn’t baseball that brought them to the city, it was the arrival of their son Jase.

Our Adoption Adventure - Eileen, Paul, Chloe and Duvessa's Story

Our story:
Before my husband Paul and I were engaged, the topic of children came up. We discovered we both had a desire to adopt. We hoped to have a child of our own biologically and one through adoption. ...

Mike, Rhonda, Gavin and Griffin's Adoption Story

We are Mike and Rhonda, and this is our adoption story: We always knew that adoption was going to be the way we became parents, but we tried a few other options before coming to American Adoptions.

Family Forever - John and Sarah's Adoption Story

Our names are John and Sarah, and we are a young couple with three children. We became pregnant with a son in early 2007 and gave birth to Michael later that year. Sarah experienced complications with her pregnancy that influenced our decision to not attempt to have any more children biologically.

The Pages of My Family's Story - Kelli, Shane and Lyrick's Adoption Story

I’ve sat down at a keyboard more times than I can count to write this story – the story of how we made our family complete. And yet, how do I put into words this exhilarating, exasperating, and sometimes exhausting adventure? ...

Adoption in the Fast Lane - Laura, Steven and Carolina's Adoption Story

From their interest in sports cars, Laura and Steven both enjoy moving fast, but their adoption process was moving faster than they had ever gone before as their baby daughter would be born in just over a month.

A Lesson in Perseverance - Jake, Robin, Alexis, Jalen and Joshua's Adoption Story

Adoptive couple Robin and Jake wanted to further expand their family but faced secondary infertility after having two biological children. That’s where the adoption journey began for this former family of four.

A Few Bumps in the Road - Mary, Tony and Christopher's Adoption Story

American Adoptions takes every precaution to prevent disruptions, resulting in one of the lowest disruption rates among domestic adoption professionals. However, expectant mothers always have the right to change their minds during the adoption process.

Is He Really Ours? - Mike, Ashley and Collin's Adoption Story

For some couples, the wait for a match can fly by in almost an instant. This was the case for Mike and Ashley. And for them, the match call also meant the call that their son was already born.

Couldn't Be More Perfect - Bill, Diane and Logan's Adoption Story

On December 21st, 2011, Bill and Diane got the call that a baby boy had been born and that his birth mother had chosen them as his adoptive parents. Just a few hours later, they found themselves taking advantage of Target’s late night holiday hours to get baby supplies and taking in the fact that they were finally going to be parents. It was the best Christmas present they could ever have imagined.

Leap of Faith - Kelly, Jim, Kristin and Mason's Adoption Story

When Kelly and Jim embarked on their adoption journey, they never imagined the leap of faith that they'd take to reach their son Mason. The couple, who has been married for seven years, has one biological daughter Kristin who was conceived through IUI, and though they briefly pursued fertility treatments for a second child when Kristin was two, they turned to adoption pretty quickly. Initially, the couple had a more restrictive APQ. But with time, they opened up, even accepting heroin exposure in their son.

Can't Fathom More Love - Craig, Linda and Ellie's Adoption Story

Craig and Linda have been married for ten years. Five years ago, they became a family of three when, through the blessing of adoption, they welcomed Ellie into their family fold. As the parents of a precocious and vivacious almost six-year old, Craig and Linda work to help Ellie feel confident in her identity, as an adoptee and just a regular kid. Read their story to learn what it’s like to raise an adopted child.

Overflowing with Love - Bill, Karin and Ali's Adoption Story

Bill and Karin’s adoption journey was not without its setbacks: they were discouraged from adopting by adoption professionals, they had a disrupted identified adoption, and they even lost their home to a flood. But through it all, Bill and Karin remained determined to become parents.

What It's All About - Mike, Silke, Sadie and Sawyer's Adoption Story

Mike says that not too long ago he turned to his wife Silke and said, “Thank God you never got pregnant, because we’d never be in this situation. And I couldn’t imagine my life not being like this.”

Worth the Wait - Eric, Elizabeth, Henry and Rose's Adoption Story

After years of attempting fertility treatments and waiting to be matched with a birth mother, Eric and Elizabeth found themselves in a counselor’s office. They were beginning to wonder if their 7-year-old son Henry would grow up as an only child.

Open Hearts - Matthew, Katheryn, Verity and Gethsemane's Adoption Story

It’s not uncommon for adoptive families to compare their adoption process to a pregnancy and delivery. For adoptive mother Katheryn, the wait for a match felt like labor pains. It was especially frustrating since the adoption process doesn’t fit into a typical pregnancy’s nine-month package. ...

New Years - Matt, Anne and Lila's Adoption Story

The holiday season is always a good time for reflection on where you’ve been, where you are going, and what you’ve learned during the past year.

Cultivating Family - Bruce, Shannon and Meredith's Story

Adoptions sometimes have a way of reflecting the adoptive family’s personality.

Twins Is What They Do- Dan, Dawn, Matthew, Lily and Amy's Story

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins,” wrote American humorist Josh Billings.

Preparing for a Miracle - Michael, Daphne and Samantha's Adoption Story

All adoptive families, some more than others, study each part of the adoption process before becoming personally entrenched in it, so they will be prepared for what is to come. However, as Michael and Daphne soon found out, no amount of research can prepare an adoptive family for some of the things they will experience; namely, the emotions of finally having their baby placed in their arms for the first time.

The Beauty of Bonding - Bob, Nikki, Jake and Ashley's Adoption Story

Bob and Nikki's adoption story is representative of the benefits that bonding with the birth parents can have on everyone involved in the adoption. In some cases, it can even be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful adoption.

Thicker Than Blood - Jason, Sara, Wyatt and Tenley's Story

Infertility is undoubtedly a struggle for both the husband and wife, but sometimes for different reasons. For example, men have an inherent desire to "pass on the bloodline" to their offspring, which can worry some men considering adoption. What all adoptive fathers soon find out, however, is that just as blood is thicker than water, love is thicker than blood.

The Perfect Surprise - Joe, Carlie, Jalen and Hallie's Adoption

Joe, Carlie and their 11-year-old son, Jalen, were sleeping soundly in a rented Manhattan apartment until 5:30 a.m. when their phone rang. Carlie quickly snatched the phone and answered it. Indeed, this was it - this was the phone call they had flown all the way from Kansas to New York City for. She knew the news would be good, but what she heard was even better.

Pure Joy - Jim, Stacey and Dylan's Adoption Story

Jim and Stacey get a lot of interesting looks from bystanders they encounter on sidewalks or on the bike path through the park behind their house. Passersby often first notice the stroller, with their 5-month old son, Dylan, smiling back at them. Then they notice Stacey, who is clearly pregnant and probably due in mere months, but that’s impossible. Right? That’s what Jim and Stacey thought as well - Impossible.

Tragedy Finds Triumph - Scott, Tristen and Garrett's Story

For a select few adoptive families, there may be a few bumps in the road to parenthood; it is simply an inherent part of becoming a parent, both biologically and through adoption. While these obstacles may be difficult to handle emotionally during that time, those same families who stay with their adoption plan are guaranteed to be blessed with a child. These instances don’t define their adoption - the child they ultimately adopt does. There is always a happy ending through adoption.

Adopting an Adventure - Eric, Heidi and Abbi's Adoption Story

Heidi, a hopeful mother to be, sat down in her seat and anxiously waited to depart from the Frankfurt, Germany airport. A few rows ahead of her was an empty seat - the one that was supposed to be occupied by her husband, Eric. One small mistake they had made resulted in Heidi finding herself about to make the flight from Germany to New Orleans, alone. She began to softly cry. A man from Africa sitting next to her asked if she needed a tissue, causing her to bawl. After composing herself, she began to tell the man her story - which unbeknownst to her would soon evolve into the happiest story of her life.

The Journey To Parenthood - Craig, Cheryl and Chase's Story

On a cool Wednesday evening in March 2010, Craig was enjoying a night to himself at his home in Connecticut. His wife Cheryl was at her sister’s house with her and her husband’s new baby, who was just brought home from the hospital earlier that day. Little did Craig and Cheryl know, their own family was about to change that night as well.

Adoption's Big Hill - Andy, Nancy, Anna and Adellena's Adoption

The emotions of the adoption process are sometimes related to being on a rollercoaster. When the adoptive family finally reaches the peak, the baby is born and the ride really begins. The adoptive family holds on tight as things begin to move fast and get exciting during this time. Now imagine starting the ride at the top of the hill, staring down at the track below without a chance to prepare or anticipate what’s ahead. This is the ride Andy and Nancy took for not one but both of their adoptions.

Cyclical Selflessness - Robert, Heather and Kai's Adoption Story

Robert and Heather, a married couple of 13 years, have helped a countless number of people around the world and have served our country to the best of their abilities for many years. However, for everything they have done for all of us, there was one thing that they needed help with in return: becoming parents.

Kevin, Colleen, Cara and Danny's Adoption Story

After many years of infertility and five cycles of in-vitro fertilization, Kevin and I realized that forming our family either biologically or through adoption were one in the same. The end result would be a wonderful family and the answer to our many hopes and dreams for our future.

Todd, Jackie and Samuel's Adoption Story

Where to start? This year has gone by so quickly! Let’s go to the beginning of our journey. After years of waiting for an international adoption that ended with that country’s borders closing to adoption, with broken hearts we turned toward the domestic adoption path.

Donny, Jodi, Bodey and Jasper's Adoption Story

Our Adoption Story began July 26, 2006, the day we brought home our 6 week old little boy, Bodey Alexander. Our lives changed forever that day. I truly feel God blesses the people who adopt in such a special way. Not only did we adopt our son, but we got a whole new amazing family in the process.

Tisha, Jeff and Violet's Adoption Story

Jeff and I were high school sweethearts and decided to start a family as soon as we got married. We were devastated when we found out we had to go through fertility treatments and our "plan" had been disrupted. In reality, the fertility treatments were just preparing our hearts for adoption.

Craig, Linda and Ellie's Adoption Story

Nothing can describe the heartbreak we experienced with what is referred to as a disrupted adoption. The phone call literally took our breath away as we were driving to take part in the delivery of ‘our’ baby. ...

Jeremy, Lindsay, Paris and Kian's Adoption Story

The inspiring story of a military family whose adoption journey spanned Mississippi to Afghanistan.

Todd, Romney, Kate and Sadie's Adoption Story

Our names are Todd, Romney, Kate and Sadie! We would like to thank everyone at American Adoptions, especially Alli and Angie, for helping us to make our dream come true. Most especially, however, we want to give our thanks to Sadie’s birth mother, Sarah.

Kenny, Jane and Maya's Adoption Story

Technically Kenny and I began our adoption journey in June of 2009, but I know in my heart that God planned for us to adopt Maya long before that time. God put many people in our lives to guide us on this amazing journey. One of the brightest guiding lights for us was American Adoptions. ...

Dakota, Eleanor, Aubrey and Hudson's Adoption Story

We had such a wonderful experience with American Adoptions that we are happily repeat customers! With the help of American Adoptions our daughter, Aubrey, was born in February of 2007. We wrote about our experience with her adoption previously and now wanted to share the story of how our precious son, Hudson, came home too. In the fall of 2008 we were talking about the idea of adding to our family. ...

Dakota, Eleanor and Aubrey's Story

Through the gift of adoption our family is now complete! Our daughter Aubrey is now six weeks old and we can't even remember, nor do we really want to, what life was like before she joined our family.

Mike, Lissa & Hailee's Adoption Story

Thanks to American and Adoptions and a wonderful birth mother, we adopted Hailee Elizabeth in less than four months - our second child that we adopted through American Adoptions.

Rob and Bridget's Letter

My husband and I are a current waiting adoptive family with your organization. We were matched with a birth mother in December and she gave birth to a wonderful baby boy we named Nathan on Feb. 2, 2010. We had nine wonderful days with Nathan when his birth mother changed her mind and we had to give him back. This was the hardest day in both of our lives.

Nancy, Kent and Ryan's Adoption Story

Whew…how did this happen? Our beautiful and amazing son, Ryan Walter, is already 14 months old! I am still in awe of this beautiful baby and just so thankful each and every day that his wonderful birth mom, Dawn, and God brought us all together.

Kip, Lisa and Christopher's Adoption Story

It’s been quite a journey, to say the least. So let me begin by thanking the wonderful people we worked with at American Adoptions. Megan Kautio was there from the start and was always available to answer questions and just listen. ...

Allison, Mike, Jillian and Molly's Adoption Story

Family is so important to us and it was always our dream to have our own family. Shortly after we married, we wanted to start a family right away. From the beginning, we struggled with miscarriages and eventually sought help from fertility experts. ...

Shelly, Doug and Espen's Adoption Story

This is not only our story; it is the story of a birth mom too...Four months and a lifetime of change!

Matthew, Brynn and Jackson's Adoption Story

We have a unique story and I wanted to take the time to share it. In March of 2008 we adopted our baby boy Jackson from American Adoptions. He has truly been a blessing to us and I wanted to share the story of how we came to be a family!

Peyton, Andrea and Liberty's Adoption Story

“There you are!” Were the first words our daughter heard when we saw her beautiful face. After seven years of tearful Christmas mornings, overcompensating for the missing little soul in our lives by giving each other way too many gifts, our truest Gift from God arrived at 6:46pm Christmas evening 2008. ...

Jay, Jennifer and Gibson's Adoption Story

We wouldn't be writing this letter if it wasn't for American Adoptions and our wonderful birthmother! We extend our gratitude to American Adoptions for all of your hard work and dedication to us during the whole process.

Lori, Jeff and Carson's Adoption Story

Jeff and I are very happy to inform you that Carson Jeffrey is officially ours as of April 1, 2009. This is a such a special day not only because it is Carson's "Gotcha Day," but because he shares this special day with his Nana whose birthday is April 1st. The final adoption decree arrived in the mail on April 10th, 2009. ...

John, Melissa and Amelia's Adoption Story

You never think you will be one of those couples you hear about who can’t get pregnant no matter what they do. Then, one day it became a reality. Suddenly, my husband and I became one of those couples. ...

The Story of Neylan's Adoption

In January 2007 my husband and I started the process of adopting. Jim has 2 children from his first marriage, this child would be our first. We worked hard to get the initial process completed, home studies, background checks, finger printing, the process seemed daunting and endless but we knew the work would be well worth it. ...

Peter, Amanda & Andrea's Adoption Story

We began working with American Adoptions in the spring of 2008. We decided on a domestic program as we had adopted our son internationally six years before and the paperwork process was much more difficult along with the travel.

Jason, Stephanie and Marianna's Adoption Story

We feel so blessed to have found American Adoptions. With the help of their wonderful staff we were finally able to fulfill our dream of becoming parents.

Mike, Lissa and Austin's Adoption Story

Thanks to American Adoptions and a wonderful birth mother, we adopted Austin in less than seven months after being activated and that included one disrupted adoption. Our adoption journey began in December 2007. We started paperwork before Christmas and were activated on February 26, 2008.

Steve, Kelly & Alexis' Adoption Story

When we first decided that adoption was the way we were going to build our family, I became obsessed with reading about all the success stories and I couldn’t wait to be one of them. I thought, as soon as it happens my husband and I will write down the journey that brought us our precious angel. Well, here it is 7 months later and we are finally getting around to telling our story.

Shayla, Todd and William's Adoption Story

My husband and I had been married almost two years when we decided to start our family. We knew that it may not have been possible to have children naturally, as I have had diabetes for 27 years. We went to the doctor and not really to our surprise, she suggested we look into adoption. ...

Tim, Kathy, Samantha and Kara's Adoption Story

Tim and Kathy got married in February 2005, and always knew they wanted to have more children together. Kathy had a daughter, Samantha, from a previous marriage, and had been a single parent for six years. Right after the wedding, Tim and Kathy starting trying the 'natural' way. ...

Valerie, Tony, Alyssa and Kiera's Adoption Story

First we wanted to thank all the people at American Adoptions who helped us with our adoption process. They helped make our adoption process a very rewarding experience. Specifically we would like to thank Laurie Walker and Sarah Anderson. ...

Kevin, Tamra and Tavin's Adoption Story

Dear American Adoptions:
We are the proud parents of Tavin. Our birthmother is Ashlyn. We would like to thank you for all your support and help with a special thanks to Lara Sandusky. ...

Theresa, Michael, Joshua, Ryan and Tyler's Adoption Story

Michael and I have a wonderful and loving 6 yr old son, Joshua. But unfortunately, we were unable to have another child. We didn't even think twice about adopting. ...

Scott, Jodi and Jack's Adoption Story

Thank you to American Adoptions for all the support, information and time you spent with us during this wonderful process. We became active in March of 2007, receiving a phone call on September 15th that a birth mother had chosen us and the baby was due in two weeks. Much to our surprise, Jack was born 10 days later. ...

Jason, Sara and Wyatt's Adoption Story

I’ve been meaning to write about our adoption experience for months! We told Megan that we would write something up just weeks after Wyatt was born. Well, here we are 7 months later, we just completed our finalization…and I finally decided that if I don’t do it now I never will. So here we go. ...

John, Susan and Daniel's Adoption Story

Wow, what an experience the miracle of adoption is!

Brek, Veronica, Dakota and Chance's Adoption Story

It was always our dream to have children. We had our son in 1996 and thought that it would never be a problem to have more. We tried for about seven years to have another child, going to infertility specialists and OB doctors, but with the outcome being only doctor bills. ...

Elson, Wendy and Carson's Adoption Story

It is easy to become discouraged if you wait longer than the average wait time. That is where we found ourselves in September of 2006. We were in the Traditional I Program and had been waiting for 18 months. ...

Daymond, Jenn & Hailey's Adoption Story

As we await our final post-placement appointment and our return trip to Maine to finalize our adoption, we wanted to write and tell you just how wonderful our adoption experience has been. We can only say this now that we have crossed the bridge into parenthood. The journey across that bridge was arduous at times and anyone feeling like it will never happen for them should know that they are not alone – ...

Michael, Christie and Tustin's Adoption Story

First of all we would like to say THANK YOU to our son Tustin’s birth mom, Mayriah, for making us MOMMY and DADDY! An absolute dream come true.

Cheryl's Adoption Story

Why me?
That was the question I found myself repeating, day in and day out for seven years. Why me?

Joe, Becky, Tyler and Jenna's Adoption Story

Our story begins in September of 2006 when we found out we couldn't have any more biological children. So, immediately we decided on adoption. After searching what felt like the entire Internet, we found the American Adoptions Web site. ...

Renee, Matt and Samantha's Adoption Story

We want to thank American Adoptions for all of your hard work and professionalism. I would tell anyone who is planning to adopt to do their homework, research, interview and soul search and then call American Adoptions. Adoption, as you all know, is a journey, and it's hard to go into the unknown, but it is a trip worth taking. ...

Jenny's Adoption Story

My husband and I both had faced infertility issues and had come to accept that we could not have children. We had gone on with our lives, making a wonderful life for ourselves with no worries or regrets -- until we hit our 30's and everything changed.

Nick, Carol, & Abby's Adoption Story

It is a true blessing to actually be able to say the words, "I have an adoption story to share with you!" Our journey with adoption actually began in March 2003. After 4 years of infertility, we contacted a small agency within our state and within a few months were activated with them. After 3 years of waiting for a call that never came, we lost our patience and knew that there had to be something better out there.

Nora, Matt, and Kevin Michael's Story

In some ways, our domestic adoption story is "typical," in that there are far more successful, comfortable open adoptions out there than people realize. We are also among many adoptive parents who would not have thought open adoption would be right for us. But the increasingly open nature of our son's adoption is a part of our unique story that we wouldn't change for anything, and we hope that by sharing it, we might help other prospective adoptive parents shape a happy adoption story for their own families.

Michele, Pete, and Skylar's Adoption Story

After several years of infertility we decided that we were tired of the emotional roller coaster ride and were ready to adopt. We signed up with American Adoptions and our journey began. At first, we took the approach that it will happen when it happens and that kept us going until June 2006 (15 months after we signed up). ...

Eric & Rikka's Adoption Story

Our story of adoption was a fairy-tale dream-come-true. It honestly could not have gone more smoothly. We decided early on that we were interested in adopting twins. ...

Bobby and Kim's Adoption Story

We believe that every adoption story is in itself a miracle and a blessing. We want to share our story so that others can read it and know what a beautiful experience we have had.

Dennis, Melissa and Olivia's Adoption Story

A thank you to American Adoptions and the entire staff. We are so grateful for everything you did for us throughout the entire adoption process.

Jenkins, Sara and Parker's Adoption Story

Our Adoption Story…
Our adoption story begins in August of 2001. This is when we got married, and the very next month began trying to start our family. ...

Mark & Jaci's Adoption Story

Dear American Adoptions, Megan Spaeth & Co,
Thank you so much! Through your help we have adopted an absolutely gorgeous baby girl. We would never have imagined the process of open adoption could be this fabulous and rewarding of an experience.

Dianne, Tom and Eric's Story

It is hard to know where our story begins – so first let me tell you about ‘us’. We are “Tom and Dianne” ...

Mike, Lydia & Addison's Story

Mike & I had been married for 4 years. We both wanted desperately to be parents. We spent the last two of those four years trying various infertility treatments and surgeries with no success. ...

Bob and Dawn's Adoption Story

Although my husband, Bob, and I had a biological son, “Anthony” born in 1996; we tried to conceive for five years, to no avail. ...

Milton, Sarah and Erin's Adoption Story

Hi, our names are Milton, Sarah and Erin and we first want to say how blessed we feel by having Erin in our lives.

Kirk and Mindy's Adoption Story

What an amazing, surprising journey adoption is. We had tried to conceive for about a year and a half before we sought professional help. We were diagnosed, and after much thought and prayer, decided we did not wish to pursue treatment. ...

Chris and Tina's Adoption Story

Congratulations on your decision to adopt. We are the proud parents of two children through adoption – one international adoption and one domestic placement. ...

Cliff & Julie's Adoption Story

Never in a million years did we think that we would have the perfect adoption experience like we did with our son Nolan. We could not have asked for a more perfect match with Amanda, his birthmother. Adoption is often looked at as intimidating, uneasy and uncomfortable. ...

Kelly and Brian's Adoption Story

Our journey toward adopting our children began like so many other couples’ – fraught with infertility, miscarriage, heartache and deep longing. ...

Simon and Gloria's Adoption Story

We recently arrived home from Fargo North Dakota with our new baby daughter, Katherine Victoria. Having now adopted both our daughter Katherine and our son Matthew through American Adoptions we felt compelled to write and let you know all that you have done for us.

David and Angelique's Adoption Story

We would like to extend our thanks to American Adoptions for making our dreams of becoming parents come true. Working with American Adoptions was a great experience. Our adoption advocate/counselor was always there to answer our questions. ...

Brian and Jessica's Adoption Story

During 2002/2003, we had gone through 9 infertility treatments. The very first one resulted in a pregnancy, and then a miscarriage. We tried 8 more times and weren't able to conceive. ...

Kerri and David's Adoption Story

Dear Future Parents,
If you are looking for evidence that miracles really do happen then please read our letter. In October of 2003 we did our application with American Adoptions. Almost exactly nine months later we received our most precious gift from God~ our daughter Madison. ...

Dave and Carla's Adoption Story

Dave and I were married in 1998 and always dreamed of having a family. We started trying 2 months after we were married. After years on the infertility roller coaster we realized that being pregnant was no longer important-we just wanted to have a child. ...
  • What is the total cost for the entire adoption?

    There are several factors that determine the total cost for an adoption, including the program you choose. Variables such as medical bills, birth mother expenses and legal fees vary for each adoption. We strive to maintain affordable adoptions without cutting corners. Please see the Our Domestic Adoption Programs section for further details.

  • Can we choose the gender of our baby?

    Have your heart set on a bouncing baby boy or a new little princess? American Adoptions now offers a gender-specific option for families hoping for a specific gender. With this option families would pay an additional Gender-Specific Fee to help our agency locate and work with birth mothers meeting this additional criteria. Please note that gender specificity may increase wait time. This fee is in addition to all other program fees and is not considered part of your adoption budget. Please contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION for minimum budget details.

  • Do we need to retain our own attorney?

    No - American Adoptions has established relationships with some of the best adoption attorneys in the nation. It is important to note that adoption laws vary state-to-state and often even county-to-county. As such, it is important to utilize the services of an attorney that specializes in adoption in the state the adoption will finalize in, which we will not know until you are matched with an expectant mother. Retaining your own attorney at this time is not necessary and may be an additional expense to you that is not needed.

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