When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re already frightened and confused enough. The last thing you want is to work with a professional who will pressure you into a decision you’re not ready for.

Remember this: If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or the partner of a pregnant woman, you are the only one who can make the best decision for your situation. You always have the right to choose the unplanned pregnancy option you believe in, and you should never let anyone tell you differently.

However, finding a professional who respects that right can be difficult. There are an unfortunate number of professionals out there who aim to push their own agendas onto women facing unplanned pregnancies. While they may seem inviting and objective at the start, they can quickly become combative or offer inaccurate information to sway an expectant mother one way or another.

This is not the case at American Adoptions. Here, we believe in every expectant parent’s right to choose what is best for them. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the best professional for your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about finding trusted, objective unplanned pregnancy professionals for the services you deserve:

Pregnancy Crisis Centers

When you find out that you are unexpectedly pregnant, you deserve helpful, objective advice from professionals. Unfortunately, there are many pregnancy “crisis” centers that intentionally mislead, lie to and shame those people facing unplanned pregnancies.

Crisis pregnancy centers are very attractive to people facing an unplanned pregnancy. The name itself seems to be the perfect fit for their situation, and the clinics often offer their services for free. However, crisis pregnancy centers are not medical institutions, which means they don’t have to be regulated — and they can provide extremely misleading information without consequences.

Many crisis pregnancy centers are established with one purpose — to prevent women from accessing abortion. For this reason, they may perpetuate popular abortion myths, such as abortion causing breast cancer and suicidal thoughts. Many crisis pregnancy centers also have religious ties.

Therefore, if you are even slightly considering abortion as a solution to your unplanned pregnancy, a crisis pregnancy center is a dangerous place to receive medical and pregnancy care. If your comment or question about abortion is met with resistance, a crisis pregnancy center cannot provide ethical assistance for your situation.

Medical Professionals

If crisis pregnancy centers aren’t to be trusted, where can you get the information you need for your unplanned pregnancy?

For many people, the best and most widely available option is Planned Parenthood. At Planned Parenthood, medical professionals can confirm your pregnancy, test your health, and give you the information you need on all of your pregnancy options. While some Planned Parenthood locations do offer abortions, you will never be forced or persuaded into an abortion by receiving medical services here.

Instead, you will be able to speak with a medical professional about all of your options after receiving low-cost medical services. They can refer you to parenting resources, if that is your path of choice. They can also refer you to adoption services, but you may need to specifically ask for these resources, as some Planned Parenthood locations focus on resources for parenting and abortion, rather than adoption.

If you’re considering abortion, you may be able to complete the procedure at one of their local clinics.

Of course, you may have many different options for receiving medical care for your unplanned pregnancy. You can also reach out to your local OBGYN or health clinic for pregnancy testing and prenatal care. But, pay attention to whether a professional is religiously affiliated or has adoption and abortion information readily available. That will give you a good idea of whether their services will be objective or try to sway you toward one unplanned pregnancy option over another.

Adoption Professionals

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you are always welcome to contact an adoption professional for unplanned pregnancy counseling. Even if you’re not sure adoption is right for you, an ethical adoption professional should provide objective information on all of your options — and never pressure you into the adoption process before you are ready.

Still, there are some adoption professionals out there who will provide misleading information to sway you into this decision, especially if you are simultaneously considering abortion. Be wary of adoption professionals with religious ties; look for large, national adoption agencies such as American Adoptions. That way, you will have access to 24/7, objective unplanned pregnancy advice without the pressure to choose any unplanned pregnancy option you are not comfortable with.

When considering adoption professionals, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this professional have readily accessible information about all of my options — adoption, abortion and parenting?
  • Am I comfortable and do I feel respected when talking to a specialist from this agency?
  • Do I feel obligated to choose adoption when I speak with this agency?
  • Am I being asked for too much personal information too early in the process?
  • Does my adoption professional remind me I always have the chance to change my mind — even after I start the process?

Remember, if you’re looking for an ethical adoption agency for your unplanned pregnancy, don’t hesitate to contact American Adoptions online or by calling 1-800-ADOPTION.

Whatever kind of professional help you’re looking for, it’s important to pay attention to your gut. How does this professional make you feel? Do you feel respected, no matter which options you are discussing?

Doing the right thing for your pregnancy starts with finding the right professional. Take your time to find one that you truly trust and feel comfortable with. Only then can you confidently make a decision that will change the rest of your life.