If you already know enough about National Adoption Day to be reading this post, adoption has probably made some kind of personal impact in your life. Tomorrow, to honor National Adoption Day, challenge yourself to spread the word to people who don’t know as much about adoption as you do. Here are some ways you can do that:

Wear your adoption pride

This is a simple and effective way to spark a conversation.

Outgrown that Instagrammable American Adoptions finalization onesie? Here are a few places you could purchase something new for yourself or the whole family:

Attend one of the events

Find out what’s going on near you, and check in on social media to let others know that you’re attending. Nothing going on in your area this National Adoption Day? Plan next year’s event! It’s a unique opportunity to meet others who have experienced adoption in their lives.

Share a photo

It could be as simple as a quick selfie or a cute family portrait, or as major as a photo from the day you met your family or a snapshot from your finalization. Just make sure you have permission from any birth/adoptive family members in the photo. Share whatever photo represents what adoption means to you, and include the hashtag #NationalAdoptionDay. Birth and adoptive parents, adoptees — you’re all the faces of adoption, so go ahead and share ‘em!

Share some information about adoption and National Adoption Day

Text, email, or post it through on social media. Whether it’s an infographic or a link to some helpful websites, you can quickly and easily share the history and importance of the day and encourage others to learn more, get involved and potentially pursue adoption as an option themselves. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Share your story

You never know who might really need to read your story. Someone who’s pregnant and thinking about adoption, someone who’s considering adopting a child, or a fellow adoptee — there are so many people who could potentially learn from you, identify with you or be comforted or inspired by whatever you have to say.

Not everyone can or wants to share their experience. And you’ll need to be sure that everyone’s privacy is being respected. But, if you’re willing and able, sharing your personal story is one of the best ways to spread the word this National Adoption Day.

You can share it on social media or in public by asking to speak at your place of worship, your school, or library.

Looking for other ways to celebrate tomorrow? If you’re an adoptive family, here are some ways to include birth family, and for everyone —here are additional ways to get involved on National Adoption Day. How do you plan on honoring National Adoption Day this year? Let us know!