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The specialists at American Adoptions have been fielding a lot of questions from adoptive families during this time of heightened uncertainty. In “Questions from Adoptive Families,” we’ll address some of the questions we’ve received, and hopefully preemptively answer questions for future waiting families.

More than anything, hopeful adoptive parents want to know:

“Have your ‘numbers’ changed much as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?” Meaning, are fewer women considering adoption for their unplanned pregnancy?

Right now, the answer is no. The number of women considering adoption and the number of families considering adopting in 2020 have both been consistent with past years.

That being said, American Adoptions prides itself on transparency. Next month or next year the answer to the question at hand could change. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, or whether or not adoption will be affected.

Here’s what we do know, and what we’ve been experiencing:

9 Months into COVID Lockdowns: What We Know Right Now

So far, we can tell you that we haven’t seen any drastic changes at American Adoptions. However, for hopeful parents concerned about the “numbers,” we remind you that there are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the possible long-term effects of this ongoing pandemic.

Is it possible that we see a drop in unplanned pregnancies, and as a result, a decrease in the number of women considering adoption? Yes.

Is it equally possible that women in lockdown will experience a greater number of unplanned pregnancies, and will subsequently choose adoption? Yes.

It’s simply too early to know — one way or the other.

Ultimately, is that the answer you want to hear? No. But, it’s the truth. Our goal isn’t to scare you or to reassure you prematurely — we’d rather offer honesty.

American Adoptions Remains Steady

When we say that we “remain steady,” we mean:

  • Our number of intakes for both expectant mothers and adoptive families has stayed within the normal range throughout 2020.
  • Unlike many adoption professionals, our staff has continued to work throughout the lockdowns and has adapted to every challenge — from home, as well as socially distanced and masked within our offices.
  • We haven’t experienced a drop in staff members, unlike many adoption agencies. That means we’re still able to keep up with the demand, and are still able to devote unparalleled attention to everyone who contacts us.
  • We continue to diligently research the constantly-changing COVID-19 policies in hospitals, airports and more in an effort to keep you up-to-date and prepared for the next steps in your adoption journey. As soon as we know, you know.
  • Everyone is still here, working hard for pregnant women and waiting parents.
  • As always, we remain fully transparent with our expectant and adoptive families, even if that means saying, “Nobody knows right now.”

You might be surprised to hear that, in many ways, things are trucking along as always here. Still, we’ve had to navigate a lot of new challenges in regards to COVID-19, like:

Throughout (and in spite of) all the chaos in the world, we’ve continued to bring together families through adoption, even in the middle of the pandemic. It may bring you some comfort to read stories from those families, like Mike, Misty and Clara, or Mike, Paul and Quinn.

Trust the Experts: Your Adoption Specialists

As always, we urge waiting families not to hyper-analyze to try to find out when they’ll receive a placement. Remember: There is no “wait list.” That’s not how adoption works with our agency. It just comes down to a pregnant woman deciding that you’re the right fit for her and her child.

We can tell you that, from what we’re seeing at American Adoptions, adoption is doing well. International adoption may be irreparably changed or halted, yes. But private domestic adoptions (at least at American Adoptions) remain steady.

We’re working harder than ever to share all the information we have about how COVID-19 could affect your adoption journey. In return, we ask that you continue to trust in our more than 25 years of experience as one of the nation’s top adoption agencies. Trust in your adoption specialist — they want you to succeed.

Adoption has always been hard. It requires brave women and open-hearted adoptive families to come together in shared love for a child. Those are the kind of people who will continue to face the challenges of adoption, both old and new, with grace.

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