National Adoption Month TraditionsNational Adoption Month and the holiday weekend around Thanksgiving can be a great time to start an annual adoption tradition. No need to stress over planning something big, but adoption month and Thanksgiving are both times for recognizing family. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • At Thanksgiving dinner, go around the table and share what you’re thankful for. As adoptive parents, be sure to include your child’s birth parents and remind them that they have so much to be thankful for too.
  • As an alternative to going around the table, you can also write out what you’re thankful for. Buy a cheap tablecloth and some wash-resistant pens, and each year, you’ll be able to write “your thankfuls” as well as look back on the ones from years past. Follow this link to learn more about this tablecloth idea.
  • Take a picture each year in front of the same background, holding the same item (like a gift from your child’s birth mother) or wearing the same outfit. This little girl’s parents have a cute idea along this line by taking a picture of her in the same over-sized t-shirt every year.
  • Play hooky for a day with your spouse and child(ren). You could use this time to take a family outing, have a special meal or treat or meet up with your child’s birth parents if you have an open relationship.
  • Send an annual picture to your adoption professional or attorney. Our staff really enjoys hearing updates on your families and circulating your sweet photos to each other over email!

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate National Adoption Month, enjoy some family togetherness!