Adoption Stories

Gary, Angie and Baby Ashton

Gary and Angie, an American Adoptions family, were selected by American Baby to be featured as one story in a series called “The Way I Became a Mom: 3 Unique Birth Stories.” We’re so excited that they got to share their adoption story with such a broad audience!

Like many couples, Gary and Angie faced infertility issues. Ultimately, they were told that Angie had premature ovarian failure. Although IVF was an option, the couple chose to save money and become parents through adoption instead.

Angie writes about the “intense” home study and activation process and says, “Writing our profile was the hardest part: We each essentially divulged our life story in the hopes that someone would choose us to parent their child.”

Although Gary and Angie experienced one heartbreaking disrupted adoption, their story happily ends with the birth of baby Ashton.

“In spite of all the waiting and disappointment, it feels as if I gave birth to Ashton myself,” Angie writes. “Gary and I have the most loving, natural bond with him. We’re so happy. We can’t picture our life any other way.”

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