Adoption Home StudyAmerican Adoptions often receives inquiries from families regarding whether our agency will accept a previously completed state-level home study. Unfortunately, in most cases our agency cannot.

Adoption home studies are not all equal. There are many reasons why our agency may not be able to accept your completed state-level home study:

  • Typically, state home studies are written for foster care, not adoption.
  • Most state agencies will not alter their home studies, meaning families may be unable to obtain an update or addendum if necessary.
  • State home studies are not often geared for private interstate adoption. They are written to comply with one that state’s regulations.
  • State agencies typically will not release the family’s supporting documents, and so they may need to rerun clearances and obtain additional references, etc.

No matter your state’s policy on home study updates, your placement agency may have additional requirements. For example, American Adoptions requires home studies be current within one calendar year, meaning that a home study is good for 12 months and then will require an update.

American Adoptions requires yearly updates to adhere to most states’ policies. We follow this strict policy on home study updates because an adoptive family residing in a state where their home study is good for 18 months could accept an adoption opportunity with a birth mother whose state requires a home study update every 12 months. The adoption would be delayed due to this complication.

In addition to an annual update to your written home study, a few supporting documents require yearly renewal prior to their date of expiration. Your background clearances (child abuse, FBI and criminal clearances), physician health reports and tax return must be updated annually.

Ensuring that you have the right kind of home study for your needs is a key step in the adoption process. Adoption home study services provided by American Adoptions are fast and cost-effective. Our home study services can be used for any domestic adoption, embryo adoption or international adoption (except with China). American Adoption provides home study services for adoptive families in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, and Missouri. For more information on home studies, visit the Adoption Home Study section of our website.

If you live in a state where we are not licensed to do a home study, please go to 1-800-HomeStudy to find an adoption professional that will provide local adoption home study services to you.