How It Changes Lives for the Better

You’ve heard a little about adoption, and you know that it brings joy to the lives of many. But, what does it truly mean to hopeful adoptive families? How do you even begin to understand the beauty and the joy of adoption? To give you a clearer picture of that, we are here to tell you some of our adoptive families’ stories.

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A COVID-19 Adoption Story

For many, the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic felt like a hopeless situation. Lockdown marked a moment where everyone was stuck indoors with little chance for human connection. It was a stressful time already, so throwing adoption into the mix would make things only more complicated, right? For Mike and Misty, it gave them something positive to hold on to in an unprecedented time.

Mike and Misty started their adoption process in late 2019, and everything was normal so far. But, when March 2020 rolled around, they had to adapt to a new kind of normal. That’s when they got the 2 a.m. phone call to travel to the prospective birth mother. They were living in Washington when Seattle was experiencing an outbreak of cases, so they had to make sure that their travels were as safe and clean as possible.

Even though the world was rapidly changing and an uncertain crisis lingered in the air, Mike and Misty saw their adoption journey as a beacon of light in a time of darkness.

“Just by sharing your story, it allows people to be a part of it,” Mike says. “It helps ease the stress and burden of feeling like, ‘I’m alone in this.’ People need something to be happy about. People still need to do this, and it can be a real gift in a time of challenge.”

Overcoming Infertility through Adoption

One reason that some people choose adoption is that they’re struggling with infertility. Maybe IVF isn’t working, or maybe there is another issue complicating the pregnancy. Robin and Jake already had two children, but they were now experiencing infertility and couldn’t have another baby biologically. So, they looked into adoption.

Days after they went live with American Adoptions, Robin and Jake got the phone call. Jessica, the prospective birth mother, was scheduled to give birth in six weeks. They instantly connected, and the couple soon discovered that they had built a lifelong bond and made a new family member. What did Robin learn from this life-changing journey?

“It’s taught me that if one thing in your life doesn’t work out, don’t give up,” she says. “I really thought I would be able to have my babies biologically and everything would go as planned. But, it’s just an amazing lesson to even teach my kids that everything is not going to work out. You’re going to have some challenges in life and things aren’t fair at the time. But just hold on.”

Passing on the Love of Adoption

As the stories above have shown, adoption can bring hope and love to people around the globe. When Jennifer and Rohit worked with American Adoptions, they had such a wonderful experience that they decided to pass on the joy to other hopeful families. That’s why they decided to join a local adoption support group in their home near Washington, D.C.

Every month, a group of families meets up for a playgroup. They can all get to know one another and share their adoption journeys. It also allows adoptees to become friends with other children who are adopted. Through their support group, they have created a beautiful type of community.

“Usually, we meet, and while the kids play, everybody kind of shares their story in a very conversational way,” Rohit explains. “And I think you get some perspective based on that. If somebody was having a tough time with something, somebody would be there to help.”

*** Adoption leaves a sizable impact on everyone involved. From the stories that we have shared here, you can see for yourself how it can bring hope to the families that we work with. If you are a hopeful adoptive parent who wants to get started with the process today, then you can contact us online at any time. We would love nothing more than to help you out.