As a potential adoptive family, finding a potential adoption opportunity can be incredibly exciting. When you experience an adoption disruption, you may be left wondering what went wrong.

At American Adoptions, we want to prepare you and protect you for all situations, including adoption disruption. You can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to get help with your adoption now.

In this article, we will share how to protect yourself and prepare for the potential of adoption disruption as you begin an exciting chapter in your life.

What is Adoption Disruption?

When a planned adoption is not completed, it is called an adoption disruption. Adoption disruptions can happen for a variety of reasons, including the biological family of a child deciding to parent instead of choosing adoption, miscarriage, or the adoptive family or birth family deciding to try to find another adoption opportunity.

How Common is Adoption Disruption?

While many families do not experience an adoption disruption, there is a possibility of adoption disruption with every adoption. And at American Adoptions, we recognize that disruptions can have a large impact on families, which is why we have preparations and financial protection measures in place for families who choose adoption.

As you get excited about growing your family through adoption and a potential adoption opportunity arises, the human complexities of adoption may fade away as you begin imagining your new family and planning for your future. But until your adoption is finalized, there is a risk of adoption disruption.

Success After Disruption

We have more than 30 years of experience and a 100% adoption success rate for active adoptive families who remain on our list, which means 13,000 families have successfully completed an adoption with our support.

Our contracts never expire, which means that you can get adoption help until you have successfully completed an adoption—even if you have an adoption disruption.

What are the Effects of Adoption Disruption?

The two biggest potential effects of adoption disruption on potential adoptive families are grief and financial loss. Our adoption professionals can help protect you throughout your journey and help you find success on your adoption.

Financial Loss

At American Adoptions, we protect you from adoption disruptions financially by refunding many of the expenses you have paid so that you can move forward with us or take another path.

As a potential adoptive family, you have likely invested time and money into the adoption process as you have gotten counseling, prepared your home, paid for attorney fees and background checks, completed an in-home visit, and covered pregnancy-related expenses when you found a potential adoption opportunity.

At some adoption agencies, the time and expenses that you put in as you prepare for an adoption opportunity can disappear when an adoption doesn’t go through.


You can get counseling and support as you become active with our agency. This ensures that you are ready to begin the process and prepares you for the journey ahead and the many possibilities that await you.

While we can’t protect you from the grief of a disruption, we believe it is important to acknowledge the possibility of disruption as you begin your journey.

Emotionally preparing for the adoption process and the possibility of adoption disruption can help you move forward if you experience it, and you can be sure that you are ready to handle any ups and downs with the support of our professionals.

Get Help Now

Adoption disruption doesn’t have to be a weight on your mind when you get help from American Adoptions. We can help you prepare for your adoption journey, and we will be with you throughout your journey until you find success. Call 1-800-ADOPTION or click here to get help now.