We’ve heard it all before: the stories of twins separated at birth when placed for adoption, only to be dramatically reunited years later. If you are a pregnant woman considering putting twins up for adoption, these kind of stories may understandably deter you from this unplanned pregnancy option.

However, it’s important to know that these situations are incredibly rare in modern adoptions, especially those completed within the United States. Below, learn a little more about the truth of putting twins up for adoption with American Adoptions:

Twins are Never “Separated at Birth”

If you are wondering how to put up twins for adoption, you may be scared at the prospect of your children being placed with two separate families. While these kinds of “separated at birth” stories are popular in the media, adoption agencies will never split up twins if their mother has chosen adoption. Keeping two (or more) siblings together is a choice made in the best interest of all involved, especially the children at the center of the adoption.

If you want to place twins for adoption, your adoption specialist will work with you to determine what kind of family you want for your children. You will get to decide characteristics like race, age, location, hobbies, lifestyle and more to make sure a family can provide the life you want for your child.

No matter your personal preferences for adoptive families, your adoption specialist will always look for families with one common theme: the willingness and ability to raise two (or more) children from birth. This way, your children will be with the same adoptive family from the moment they are placed into those parents’ custody. These parents will have been approved to raise twins and can provide the same level of care for your two children as they would for a single child they adopt.

Your twins will always grow up together, maintaining their special bond and having each other to lean on through the joys and challenges of their childhoods.

How to Put Up Twins for Adoption

You may be wondering, “I want to know how to give up my twins for adoption.” If this is your situation, or you simply want to learn more about the adoption process, you can always call an adoption specialist at 1-800-ADOPTION.

In many ways, putting twins up for adoption is in no different from placing a single child for adoption. You will receive the same quality support services during your adoption, including unplanned pregnancy counseling, financial assistance for pregnancy expenses and open adoption contact with the adoptive family. You will get to choose what kind of contact you want with the adoptive family of your choice, as well as how your adoption plan and hospital delivery plan will go. While your medical process may be slightly different when you are expecting twins, remember that your medical costs will always be free to you and your adoption counselor will be there for you every step of the way.

Why Were Twins Split Up in Adoption?

Some expectant mothers may think, “I need an adoption agency that will split up my twins,” or “I want my twins to be adopted by separate families.” Often, this is because they have seen so many stories of separated twins that it seems like the only option.

However, as mentioned before, adoption agencies that put twins up for adoption place them both with the same family. But this hasn’t always been the case.

When looking at the history of adoption, you may see stories about twins being separated at birth through adoption in the 20th century. Usually, this was because it was easier to find adoptive parents for a single child than two children. In other cases, birth parents may have been unprepared to care for two children, so they chose to place one of their twins for adoption. Twins who were in the custody and care of their state’s foster care agency may also have been more likely to be separated in foster homes and adoption placements, just like other siblings in foster care.

Today, any stories of separated twins usually involve children adopted from other countries. In foreign countries, adoption is often a less-regulated process, and it’s more common for children left at orphanages to be separated from their siblings or adopted on their own.

When you read stories about twins being separated at birth, there are a few common themes. The siblings mention they had always felt like something was missing in their life. When they are finally reunited, there is a great deal of celebration — but also sadness and anger at being separated for so many years. Often, these feelings are not ones that resolve quickly or easily.

That’s why American Adoptions, like other adoption agencies, will not separate children at birth if a birth mother decides to put twins up for adoption. Our specialists will work closely with her to ensure her wishes for her adoption are respected and that she finds the perfect family with which to place her children. We recognize the unique bond that twins have from before they are born, and we will work hard to preserve that bond and give adopted twins the kind of life their mother wants for them.

To learn more about putting twins up for adoption, please call 1-800-ADOPTION.