The adoption journey is a unique experience. It’s life-changing, and it isn’t always easy. Joy clashes with challenges. Anxiety and excitement overlap in confusing ways. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do, but it might also be the hardest.

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources to help. Anyone in this journey themselves can look to education resources, information online and the guidance of an adoption specialist with American Adoptions. These types of supports will help a family navigate the ins and outs of the process. But when it comes to emotional support, few things are better than knowing you’re not alone. And the best way to know that is through the stories of others families who have gone through their own journey.

We’ve compiled a handful of moving adoption testimonies for any family who needs a pick-me-up. You may be at a low point in your adoption process. You could be facing financial pressure. You might be recovering from an adoption disruption. Whatever the case is, there are other families who have gone through something similar. These stories show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can have a happy ending, and it will be worth all of the effort.

Check out some of these adoptive family testimonies.

For When You’re Still Waiting…

Many adoptive families are presented with an adoption opportunity within a few months of becoming an active family, but just as many other families wait many months, or even years, for the perfect opportunity. We all know patience is a virtue, but let’s not sugarcoat things: This wait can be excruciating. Here are a few families’ stories to encourage you while you wait for that perfect placement.

Adrian, Vicki and Graham: Adrian and Vicki took all the necessary steps in the adoption process but still found themselves facing a long wait. It had been nearly two years, and their home study was about to expire.

“Well, I won’t sugarcoat it; it certainly was not easy,” Adrian said.

Read the rest of their story to find out why Adrian and Vicki stuck with adoption and how their story found a happy ending.

Eric, Elizabeth, Henry and Rose: Adoption is a vital part of Eric and Elizabeth’s story. Elizabeth was adopted as an infant and felt that it would be a good way to grow their family. What they didn’t expect was a disruption followed by more than a year of waiting for the next adoption opportunity. But it was all worth it when Eric and Elizabeth held their daughter, Rose, for the first time.

Read their story to find encouragement about how the wait will always be worth it.

For When You’re Recovering From a Disruption…

Adoption disruptions can be devastating. No matter the reason a disruption occurs, it throws a massive wrench into your plans. Hopes and dreams have to be reconfigured, not to mention the logistics of going back in the adoption process. Immediately following a disruption, it could seem impossible to move forward. But these families will tell you that there’s still hope even in the darkest times.

Kirk, Kristin, Benjamin and Timothy: Kirk and Kristin knew there would be some waiting involved when they began the adoption process. But they didn’t know just how much waiting, and hardship, was ahead. After experiencing four disruptions — a uniquely challenging adoption journey — they were let wondering what to do. They pressed on, and their family grew by two because of it.

Read more about Kirk and Kristin’s amazing determination in their story.

Natasha, Cameron and Ellis: Natasha and Cameron’s adoption journey brought out newfound strength as they faced several disappointing disruptions. Carrying on was hard. There were moments of doubt; is adoption really for us?

It took a last-minute adoption opportunity for Natasha and Cameron’s family to grow. Now that Ellis is their son, they wouldn’t change anything.

Read their story of perseverance in adoption.

For When You Feel Unsure About Open Adoption…

Did you know that more than 90 percent of domestic infant adoptions happening today are at least semi-open? This is a massive shift from how things were even a few decades ago. But as time has gone on, we’ve seen the benefits open adoption can have for the adoptive parents, birth mother and child. There’s a good chance you have some nervous feelings about open adoption — that’s completely normal. Here are a few encouraging stories that show how open adoption can be a positive force in a family’s life.

Jenna, AJ and Bennett: Jenna was adopted as an infant, so adoption was something she and AJ always wanted. When the opportunity came, and it was an open adoption, Jenna was nervous. She had never met her birth parents, so this opportunity was special. They cherish the opportunity they had to adopt, and their open adoption relationship, each day.

Read more about Jenna and AJ’s special connection with Bennett’s birth mother.

Michael, Jamie and Isaac: These two things are both true: open adoption is beautiful, and open adoption is difficult. Michael, Jamie and Isaac’s story shows this perfectly. Their open adoption relationship has been more challenging to navigate than they expected. But when things get tough, they think of Isaac, and keep moving forward.

Read their story and be encouraged by the positive outcomes of sticking with a tough open adoption situation.

More Adoptive Family Testimonies

You can read more testimonies from families who have worked with American Adoptions whenever you need encouragement. You’re not in this journey alone, and it will be an amazing part of your life. Adoption isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

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