Available Situations

Note: The following adoption situations represent an extremely small percentage of American Adoptions' cases. These situations are only listed when another adoption professional in our Adoption Resource Center has been unable to find an adoptive family who meets a woman's needs and/or we are unable to locate an adoptive family from our own pool of waiting families.

Although many of the following adoption situations include reported drug usage, medical concerns or other factors, these are rare situations and do not represent the majority of cases handled by American Adoptions. Please note that any "at risk" fees associated with these situations do NOT apply to families who are currently active with American Adoptions.

For more information regarding any of these situations, or for more information about our agency, please contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION or at situations@americanadoptions.com.

Sorry, currently we are not able to locate available situations. Please check back soon.

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