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Surrogacy Costs [How it Compares to Adoption]

While there’s no putting a price on having the family you’ve always dreamed of, there’s no denying it may play a role in how you decide to go about making this dream come true. If you’re considering surrogacy, you might be wondering how much surrogacy costs.

To get more information about the cost of surrogacy, reach out to a surrogacy specialist today.

There are a lot of factors that will determine the cost of surrogacy. Surrogacy costs can typically be separated into agency fees and variable expenses.  To fully comprehend the total surrogacy costs, you will first need to understand the various services and resources you will need throughout your surrogacy journey.

 We created this article to help break down surrogacy costs and how they compare to adoption costs.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

How much surrogacy costs will depend on which agency you work with, but the average cost of surrogacy typically ranges from $100,000-$250,000. A big range like this can be intimidating.

For most agencies, you will want to reach out to the surrogacy agency you will be working with to figure out how much surrogacy costs. American Surrogacy is a bit different.

We use a fixed fee structure to create clarity and confidence for intended parents. The cost of surrogacy with our agency is $129,900.

Below are a few of the services the cost of surrogacy includes.

Agency Fees

One component of surrogacy costs is agency fees. Agency fees are typically fixed rates that you pay directly to the agency to cover all of the services they will provide you throughout the surrogacy process.  These rates should remain fixed regardless of how long it takes for you to complete your surrogacy process.

How much you pay in agency fees will depend on the specific agency and the state it’s located in. A few of the services included in agency fees are:

Advertising Services

Advertising services account for a majority of agency fee surrogacy costs.  When you work with a surrogacy agency, they will be able to help you find a perfect surrogate match. To do this, they will need to advertise your intended parent profile. Advertising expenses may cover online ads, networking with other professionals and more. The more money is spent on advertising, the more potential surrogates will be reached.

Matching Services

When you work with a full-service surrogacy agency, your agency will be able to help you find a perfect surrogate match. The matching service expenses typically cover the screening, background checks and home assessments to ensure that everyone is prepared for the surrogacy process.

These services are important in ensuring you find a gestational carrier. Your surrogacy specialist will work with you to find a surrogate that shares your surrogacy goals.

Counseling and Support

Another important component of your surrogacy costs is the counseling and support services your surrogacy agency offers you. Surrogacy is an exciting journey, but it can be an overwhelming one at times.  You will have access to round-the-clock support and counseling before, during and after your surrogacy journey.

Variable Expenses

The other side of surrogacy costs includes variable expenses. As the name suggests, these are the expenses that can vary depending on many different factors. These expenses are not factored into the fixed fees of American Surrogacy (or the costs quoted to intended parents by most surrogacy agencies). 

The three main variable expenses include in surrogacy costs are medical expenses, legal services and surrogate compensation.

Medical Expenses

The surrogacy process includes various medical procedures, so you should be prepared for significant medical expenses.  As intended parents, you will need to pay for fertility treatments and the IVF process.  These surrogacy costs can vary depending on how many embryo transfer attempts are needed. You will also be expected to pay for prenatal care and any sperm or egg donors used in the process.

Overall, the amount of money you’ll spend on medical expenses will depend on the surrogate’s insurance and any additional medical procedures during the pregnancy.

Legal Services

You will need an attorney to draw up a contract that details both parties’ responsibilities and expectations throughout the surrogacy. The amount you spend on legal expenses will depend on your state’s laws and the amount of legal assistance that you need.

This could vary depending on your situation. For example, if you use a sperm or egg donor, then you may need to complete an adoption to gain parental rights to your child.

Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate compensation will make up a significant amount of the surrogacy cost. You will be covering your surrogate’s medical, legal, counseling and travel expenses, as well as providing a base compensation that she will receive on a monthly basis. These payments are to compensate her for her time, energy and commitment.

How much you will be expected to pay will depend on her experience as a surrogate, her insurance coverage, and your agency.

How Much Does Adoption Cost?

The cost of adoption depends on a variety of factors such as the adoption agency you work with and the expenses of the resources need to complete your adoption. On average, the cost of adoption is typically lower than the cost of surrogacy. You can expect to spend up to $70,000 on the total adoption process when you utilize an agency. In addition to a fixed agency fee, adoption expenses you can be expected to pay for are:

  • Counseling

  • Case management

  • Contact a home study professional

  • Adoption disruption insurance

  • Post-adoption support

  • Newborn care and services

You will also be expected to cover birth mother expenses such as:

  • Prenatal care not covered by insurance

  • Delivery and hospital expenses not covered by insurance

  • Counseling

  • Screening

  • Creating an adoption and hospital plan

  • Post-placement adoption counseling

To get more information about the cost of surrogacy and what you can expect to pay for, reach out to a surrogacy specialist today.

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