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20 Adoptee Blogs and Online Resources to Read

Just as every adoptive and birth parent has a right to tell their adoption story, so does every adoptee. And, perhaps there is no better medium for the long-term, ever-changing experience of being adopted than a blog. In fact, that’s why there are so many adoptee blogs out there.

But, in the vast expanse of the internet, how can you find quality adoptee blogs that you can connect with and learn from?

We’ve gathered a few online resources and adoption blogs by adoptees below. Check them out to hear individual adoptees’ thoughts, feelings, tips and questions about their own adoption stories.

But, before you get reading, there’s something you should remember.

Every adoptee’s story is different. After all, every adoption situation is unique. Some adoptees are inherently proud of their stories, while others use their adoptee blogs to work through the conflicting emotions they have about their birth parents, adoptive parents and other parts of their stories.

Whether or not an adoptee’s perspective agrees with yours, remember that their thoughts and feelings are valid, too. Don’t write off an adoptee blog just because an individual has a different opinion than you; take that opportunity to learn from their unique perspective. Let it influence your opinion of adoption as a whole.

Remember: Adoption is not black and white. There are a lot of complex emotions and thoughts for every member of the adoption triad — but especially for adoptees. You may find that learning about others’ experiences will help you better understand your own.

Get started by checking out some of these adoptee blogs and resources:

  1. American Adoptions’ Adoptee Testimonial Page: Adoptees who have been adopted through our agency or work for our agency share their stories, as do individuals with no connection to our agency at all. Email if you wish to share yours.
  2. Adoptee in Recovery: Pamela found out she was adopted at 5 years old. Here, she writes about her discovery of her origins, her birth parents’ reluctance to know her and other complicated emotions in her adoption journey.
  3. The Adopted Life: Transracial adoptee Angela Tucker uses her blog to not only chronicle her own reunion with her birth parents but also her current work as an adoption activist and educator. You can also watch her reunion play out in the documentary CLOSURE.
  4. The Adopted Ones: Adoptees from the “Baby Scoop” era discuss the biggest questions they have for other adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents.
  5. Adoptee Restoration: Deanna discusses her personal adoptee journey through the lens of her faith.
  6. Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity: An adoptee shares writings from herself and other adoptees to explore the many different sides of the adoptee experience.
  7. American Indian Adoptees: This is an open-collaboration blog for and by American Indian and First Nation adoptees considered part of the “Stolen Generation.”
  8. Black Sheep Sweet Dreams:  A transracial adoptee adopted in the 1960s shares resources on helping other adoptees track and connect with biological family members.
  9. A Chinese Adoptee’s Journey: An international adoptee reflects on the easy and complicated parts of her adoption story.
  10. Declassified Adoptee: Amanda Transue-Woolston first started blogging to find her birth parents and slowly became an author and activist for the adoption community. She uses her social work degrees to approach adoption from a clinical point of view.
  11. Diary of a Not-so-Angry Asian Adoptee: Christina is a Korean adoptee who grew up with a white family in Minnesota. Here, she shares her thoughts (both positive and complicated) on her life journey thus far.
  12. Each Day Brings a New Adventure: Amanda, an adoptee and an adoptive mother, blogged throughout her sons’ childhood.
  13. From Another Mother: An adoptee and birth mother details her experiences on motherhood.
  14. Heart, Mind & Seoul: An adult Korean adoptee and adoptive parent shares her “reflections, observations and musings” on her adoption experience.
  15. I Am Adopted: Jessenia, an adult adoptee with 10 years of experience working in the adoption field, hosts a blog to share her own thoughts and as a forum for other adoptees.
  16. Lost Daughters: Adult women who were adopted as children share their stories and thoughts in this collaborative writing project.
  17. No Apologies for Being Me: Lynn, who grew up in a closed adoption and became an adoptive mother herself, discusses the complexities of the modern adoption system.
  18. Pushing on a Rope: Adoptee Terri share thoughts on all aspects of her life, not just those concerning her adoption, with a hint of humor and positivity.
  19. Sister Wish: Kat shares her thoughts on open adoption and her experiences growing up adopted.
  20. Through the Eyes of an Adopted Kid: Becky writes about not only her journey to find her biological parents but her inner feelings and struggles regarding her adoption.

Please note: Because these websites are run by individuals and subject to change, we apologize for any broken links or bloggers that are no longer active.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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