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7 Heartwarming Adoption Quotes

From Families, Birth Parents and Adoptees

Whether you’re a birth parent, adoptive family or adoptee, adoption quotes are a great way for you to gain a different perspective on the process. Learning about how other people experience adoption can help you see adoption from all aspects of the adoption triad.

Below, we’ve compiled seven of the top adoption quotes that will allow you to look at adoption from all angles. They’ll help you understand some of the emotions from families who have been in your shoes and others’ shoes.

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Adoption Quotes for Adoptive Families

1. Open Adoption Quotes

When you’re pursuing adoption, you can have an open adoption relationship with the birth parent. This means that identifying information is shared, and you will stay in contact before and after the adoption has been completed. The amount of contact you share can vary depending on how comfortable you are with each other. Most families find it beneficial to maintain some form of contact.

“An open adoption isn’t necessarily a back door for the birth parents to come back and take their baby; it’s just more people to love your kid, that’s kind of how I see it,” Cathy said about her adoption relationship. “Don’t be afraid of open adoption; it can be awesome. You go into it thinking you’re going to have this complicated situation that will cause you heartbreak. I’m just glad that we didn’t let our fear of hardship get in the way of doing it because we ended up having the easiest, best adoption you could ask for.”

2. Long Wait Adoption Quotes

Although we will do everything we can to minimize your wait time, some families experience longer-than-average wait times. You can minimize your adoption wait time by being open to certain adoption preferences like race and contact during and after the adoption has been completed.

At American Adoptions, our average wait time is around 9-12 months after activation. Many families that experience longer wait times find them to be worth it.

“We look at Rose and think in so many ways she was meant to be a part of our family,” Elizabeth said about waiting for an adoption opportunity. “It is true what they say: You wait for the child you are supposed to have. Never for one minute have we ever thought that we didn’t have the right kid for our family.”

3. Quotes about Adoption Disruptions

Adoption disruptions aren’t common, but they can still happen. When you work with our agency, you’ll be financially protected in case of a disruption. Although we can’t eliminate the emotional loss, we can eliminate any financial loss. Many of our families that have experienced a disruption have gone on to bring a loving child into their families.

“As hard it was, we knew we were there for a reason,” Lindsey said about her adoption journey. “Our presence there allowed the biological parents to realize they were meant to keep their son. We were ultimately happy that the baby boy was with his parents. It was hard, but that was our journey and how it was supposed to be — which, of course, led us to Naomi.”

Adoption Quotes for Birth Mothers

1. Adoption Quotes about Overcoming Fears

As the prospective birth parent, you’re probably experiencing many emotions while pursuing adoption. This is normal, and there are many birth parents who have felt the same way. Choosing adoption is a selfless journey that will provide your baby with a life of love and opportunity. Some birth mothers find that choosing adoption was hard at first, but it gets better with time.

“It’s very rough in the beginning, but it does get better,” Sara said about choosing adoption for her baby. “It takes you a while to realize that what you did was the best thing and, regardless of the situation that put you there, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your ultimate decision was to place him in a family that would love him unconditionally, love him like he was their biological child.”

2. Adoption Quotes about Finding Stability

Many birth parents choose adoption because they want to improve their lives and make their child proud in the future. As the prospective birth parent, you’re choosing to better yourself while providing your child with a life filled with endless opportunities. Choosing adoption allows you to pursue any goals you have, such as going back to school or pursuing the career of your dreams.

“The day I was in labor, I was afraid and had some second thoughts about giving my beautiful baby up for adoption, but I knew what was best for her,” Chauniece said about her adoption experience. “As soon as she was given to the adoptive parents and they left, I went back home and was more determined than ever to get my life back on track. Going to school and finding stability in my life became my top priority.”

Adoption Quotes for Adoptees

1. Adoption Quotes about Connecting with Birth Parents

One of the most common feelings many adoptees feel is the need to connect with their past. When you’re searching for answers, you may want to reach out to your birth parents to learn about your identity. For some, it isn’t that easy.

Some adoptees are involved in closed adoptions, meaning they have no information about their birth parents. Now, it’s more common than ever for birth parents and adoptive families to share an open adoption relationship. This can help you reach out to your birth parents whenever you want to talk to them.

“My recent experience only confirms my belief in the positive power of open adoption,” adoptee Jennifer Van Gundy said about her adoption story. “While my closed adoption wasn’t a negative experience by any means, knowing what I know now would have helped solve the unknowns and alleviate the feelings of shame I had at times growing up. Having contact with my birth mother now is an unexpected step in my adoption story, but I’m looking forward to whatever new relationship we may develop from here on.”

2. Adoption Quotes about Finding Love and Opportunity

When birth parents place their children for adoption, they’re doing so because they know that their child will have a better life as a result. Many adoptees find that their lives are forever changed because of their adoption stories. Adoption allows you to find happiness from people who love and support you the most.

“Of all people in this world, my mom and dad deserved to be parents,” adoptee Scott Mars said about his adoptive parents. “Without adoption, my parents would not have been able to share their love and their life and give someone the life that I had. Because of adoption, my life was filled with love and opportunity.”

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