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Our Domestic Adoption Program

How Infant Adoption Works with American Adoptions

Getting involved with a domestic adoption program can be a great way to begin your adoption journey and grow your family.

While there are laws and regulations that every process follows, each agency brings its own distinct approach to this journey, which can have a huge effect on your experience.

You deserve the best help possible, which is why you should seek out a licensed national adoption agency. Our domestic adoption programs have helped birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents for more than 30 years.

Or call 1-800-ADOPTION.

Here we will share what makes American Adoptions’ adoption programs and services stand out from the rest.

Information for prospective birth mothers can be found here. You can also get free online information and connect with a professional today.

Our Domestic Adoption Program for Hopeful Parents

American Adoptions provides services for domestic infant adoption. This type of adoption involves a prospective birth mother who chooses to create an adoption plan. A prospective birth mother will choose a hopeful adoptive family, and the newborn baby will (typically) be placed with the family at the hospital.

You can learn more about what the adoption process is like from our in-depth guide on the subject. Here, we are going to consider several elements of our adoption program that make the journey you will experience with American Adoptions different from other agencies.

Average Wait for the Adoption Program

It’s one of the most common questions we hear from families who are preparing to adopt.

How long am I going to wait?

While each adoption is different, our child adoption program does offer a shorter average wait than many others. This is due to our experience, practices and national scope. For our domestic adoption program, families can expect to wait an average of 12 months to adopt after joining the agency.

For those participating in this adoption program, most experience wait times within these averages.

Financial Protection

The cost associated with adoption can be a lot for families to handle, which is why it is so important to make sure your investment is protected.

Nationally, research from the Children’s Bureau has shown that 10-25% of adoptions don’t work out. This unfortunate reality begs one key question: If an adoption doesn’t work out, what happens to the funds you already invested in that opportunity?

Our adoption program provides financial protection so that a disruption never drains your adoption budget. Since 2009, this protection has saved families more than $4.6 million. Across adoption professionals, you will not find another one who provides this type of security.

The Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ)

As part of the process to join American Adoptions' program, one of your first steps will be to complete an Adoption Planning Questionnaire. The APQ is your roadmap to adoption as hopeful parents. Here, you will work with an adoption specialist to lay out what you are open to and what you are not open to.

What’s the main benefit of the APQ for you? By determining your adoption preferences ahead of time, your specialist can proceed with presenting your profile to prospective birth parents who fit within your APQ. Unlike most other agencies, they won’t call you every time they need permission to share your profile.

This means you won’t have to experience the roller coaster of emotions that comes every single time your profile is shown.

Instead, you can be confident that your specialist is hard at work finding the right opportunity for you. When you get a call, it will be the call.

Encouraging Openness

Our adoption program encourages openness in adoption with direct contact between the prospective birth parent(s) and adoptive parents. More than 90% of domestic adoptions are at least semi-open, and research has shown that open adoption is beneficial to everyone involved.

How the Adoption Program Supports Prospective Birth Mothers

Our domestic adoption program for prospective birth mothers is similarly designed to make her process a smooth, peaceful journey. If you are considering adoption for your baby, you can rest assured that:

The child adoption program is always free for you. You will never incur costs from our organization during adoption. You are making a brave and difficult decision when you choose adoption, and you deserve to be free from financial pressure during the journey.

You are in control of your adoption. Our adoption program places you in the driver’s seat. You will make decisions like:

  • Choosing an adoptive family
  • Deciding on a level of openness
  • Creating a hospital plan for birth and placement

The domestic infant adoption program at American Adoptions is designed to help you feel encouraged, supported and confident.

You will most likely be eligible to receive financial assistance. Each state has its own laws about adoption. Depending on the laws of your state, you will be eligible to receive financial assistance for certain pregnancy-related expenses. Our adoption program ensures you will receive all of the allowable assistance you need, including costs related to medical care, legal fees, rent, transportation and more.

Learn More about American Adoptions’ Domestic Adoption Program

For more information about our domestic adoption programs and services, get free information here.

Prospective birth moms can also get free help and get connected to one of our experienced professionals today.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to retain our own attorney?

No, American Adoptions has established relationships with some of the best adoption attorneys in the nation. Because adoption laws vary from state to state and between counties, it is important to utilize the services of an adoption attorney who specializes in the state where the adoption will finalize, which is unknown until you match with an expectant mother. You have the right to retain your own attorney, but doing so may be an additional, unnecessary expense.

Can we choose the gender of our baby?

American Adoptions does not allow gender specificity in adoption. Any family who wishes to be gender-specific in their adoption should contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION and ask about the possibility of an exception waiver before taking any other steps toward adoption with our agency. Any families who do receive an exception to be gender-specific may also incur an additional fee, which helps cover the additional advertising costs of such a request.

Please note that gender specificity will likely increase your wait time significantly.

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