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What To Know about Adoption as a Birth Parent

5 Questions to Consider

Placing your baby for adoption is one of the bravest and most selfless decisions you’ll ever make. You can start your adoption journey today when you call 1-800-ADOPTION. We’re always here to help.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what to know about the adoption process, we’ve got you covered with these five FAQs and answers. We’ve created this guide to explain everything you need to know about adoption and what it’s like to find a loving family for your baby.

If you want to learn more about placing your baby for adoption, then you can fill out this contact form to get more free information now.

1. Who Can Help Me Begin the Adoption Process?

When you’re thinking about placing your baby for adoption, one of the best ways is through a private domestic adoption agency. Adoption agencies can handle every aspect of your process. As one of the most reputable private domestic adoption agencies, we have helped many birth parents throughout their entire adoption journeys.

We know just what it takes to create the best adoption experience.  Over time, we’ve carefully developed a list of essential services to help guide you throughout your adoption from start to finish.

You can always contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION to begin your adoption journey. You can also fill out this contact form to connect with one of our experienced adoption specialists. We’d love to help you begin your adoption journey!

2. How Will the Adoption Agency Support Me?

One of the most important things to know about adoption is that the agency you choose should always support you. Although adoption is beautiful and selfless, it can also be emotionally difficult. You’ll want to make sure that the agency you work with will always be there to help you process your feelings.

We’re proud to offer prospective birth parents 24/7 support and counseling to help provide the resources needed before, during and after the adoption. Your adoption specialist will always be there offer support and help you move forward in a healthy way. On top of offering emotional support, your adoption specialist will also coordinate your entire adoption and help you make an adoption plan that fits your needs.

3. Does Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Cost?

As you’re wondering what to know about adoption, remember that you will never have to pay to place your baby for adoption. Regardless of the agency you choose, you should never have to pay for adoption services. In fact, some of the best adoption agencies offer financial assistance to help you throughout your entire adoption.

When you work with American Adoptions, we’re proud to offer financial assistance for all our prospective birth mothers. We’ll help you every step of the way, ensuring you receive any living expenses you’re entitled to. Living expenses may include:

  • Rent

  • Utilities

  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Maternity clothing

4. Do I Get to Choose an Adoptive Family?

When you’re wondering what to know about adoption, you get to call all the shots. You get to look at various adoption profiles and choose the perfect family for your baby. Most agencies offer print profiles as a way to get to know the adoptive family, but at American Adoptions, we go one step further.

We’re proud to offer you a deeper look into the lives of adoptive families through our video profiles. All the adoptive families that work with our agency get the chance to create an adoptive family video profile to give birth parents an in-depth look into their lives and motivations to adopt. By getting a glimpse of each family in their own environment, you’ll be able to make your decision with the utmost confidence.

5. Will I Be Able to See My Baby after the Adoption?

Another one of the key things to know about adoption is that, in the past decade, adoption has become less taboo. That’s why many hopeful families welcome open adoption relationships.

This means you can get to know the adoptive family to whichever extent you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s receiving letters and pictures frequently or phone calls and emails every once in a while, you’ll get to choose how much contact you have with the adoptive family.

95% of adoptions today have some degree of openness, allowing you to stay connected to your child post-placement. At American Adoptions, we require all our adoptive families to be open to some level of communication throughout the adoption and beyond. Our adoption specialists will be there to mediate any interaction should you wish.

Learn More about the Domestic Adoption Process

There’s a lot that goes into the domestic adoption process, and, with the right guidance and support, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way. To learn more about our domestic infant adoption program, you can fill out this contact form or call 1-800-ADOPTION to get more adoption information now. We’d love to help you begin your adoption journey today! 

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