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What Is National Adoption Day?

And How to Proudly Celebrate Your Adoption Story

As an adoptive parent, it’s important to not only learn about the adoption process yourself but to educate others about its beautiful impact. One of the best ways to do this is by celebrating National Adoption Day.

We’ve created a guide on National Adoption Day to help you learn more about the importance of World Adoption Day and how you can help spread awareness by sharing your story.

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What Is National Adoption Day?

National Adoption Day raises awareness about adoption and encourages others to learn more about the process. During the month of November, National Adoption Day allows people to acknowledge those whose lives have been impacted by adoption.

Whether you’re celebrating all month long or if you’re celebrating on National Adoption Day, it’s important to be proud of your adoption journey. National Adoption Day is a great way to celebrate your adoption story and attend adoption related events to help spread awareness on the importance of adoption.

Why Is National Adoption Day Important?

The importance of National Adoption Day is to celebrate the families that have been impacted by adoption and to shed light on the many children still waiting to find their forever homes. There are many people that still aren’t educated about the adoption process and some of the amazing opportunities that come from choosing this path.

Whether through articles, research or even your own adoption story, educating others will help bring awareness towards adoption. Although it can seem daunting to share your personal experience with adoption, it’s important to be proud of your adoption story.

“In general, people are fascinated by adoption and how it works,” adoptive mother Tara said about sharing her adoption story. “The more details you can share about how adoption works, especially with an agency like American Adoptions, the more support you get.”

How to Celebrate National Adoption Month

As you learn more about National Adoption Month and how it’s changed many lives, there are several ways you and your family can celebrate. Below are five of the best ways to celebrate National Adoption Month:

1. Watch an Adoption-Themed Movie

This is a fun option if you want to curl up on the couch with your kids and watch some family-friendly movies about adoption. Although adoption can be dramatized in movies, it’s a wonderful way to spend some time with the family. One thing to keep in mind as you’re watching adoption-themed movies is that there’s rarely a perfect portrayal. Here are a few to add to your watch list:

  • Earth to Echo

  • Lion

  • The Blind Side

  • Lilo and Stitch

  • Annie

2. Become an Advocate for Adoption

With how amazing adoption can be, there’s no better way to celebrate National Adoption Month then by telling the world about it. Reaching out to friends and family and explaining the benefits of adoption is a good place to start. Whether it’s through your adoption story or from the experiences you’ve gained from the process, it’s great to educate others about adoption.

3. Write a Letter to Your Child or the Birth Parents

National Adoption Month is the perfect time to reach out to your family and tell them how grateful you are that adoption brought you together. For example, you can write a letter to your child or the birth family to tell them how thankful you are for them and adoption for bringing you together.

If you write a letter to your child, then you can tell them their adoption story. You can also write a letter to the birth parents and tell them how grateful you are for the opportunity to raise their child.

4. Attend an Adoption Event

One of the best ways to celebrate National Adoption Day is by joining an adoption-related event in your community. This is the perfect chance to learn more about adoption and listen to the stories from birth parents, other adoptive parents and adoptees whose lives have been touched by adoption. This will give you a chance to share your story and hear from others who have gone through the process.

5. Organize a Family Photoshoot

During National Adoption Month, one way you can celebrate your adoption story is by taking some new family photos. This is a fun way to bring the family together. You could even consider including the birth family. Whether it’s adoption-themed or just for fun, taking the time to organize a family photoshoot is a great way to celebrate your adoption story.

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