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What Are Adoption Consultants?

And Do You Actually Need One?

Adoption offers a wonderful opportunity to start or grow your family. And, having the right professional by your side to help with the emotional and financial hardships of the adoption process is crucial. You may need a helpful adoption consultant to relieve any stress and answer any questions you have.

There is a lot involved in a successful adoption, as every choice you make is important. So, some families turn to adoption consultants for help. Working with an adoption consultant is becoming more popular in some communities and is still fairly new.

If this is something you are considering, you’ll want to research the advantages and disadvantages of adoption consultants before diving in.

To learn more about how an adoption consultant can help you along your adoption journey, you can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION now or fill out our online contact form today.

What is an Adoption Consultant?

An adoption consultant is a person or organization who an adoptive family can hire to provide them guidance throughout the adoption process. They make recommendations on important situations such as:

While adoption consultants can provide information and direction during the adoption process, they cannot actually provide any of the necessary services in the adoption process. They act as a third party and exist outside of adoption professionals’ work, as you can see in this consultant’s statement of limited services.

They will help you answer the big questions, such as:

Understanding the Limits of Adoption Consultants

Families understandably feel overwhelmed when they are considering the adoption process. But, are adoption consultants the most helpful option?

While the intention of adoption consultants is undoubtedly good, there are some causes for caution, such as:

Absence of Regulation and Oversight

First and foremost, adoption consultants are not regulated in any way. Unlike a licensed adoption agency, there is no objective review of their past work or the type of advice they are giving. This doesn’t mean that adoption consultants are doing bad work, but it does mean that verifying the legitimacy of their work is difficult.

Difficulty Verifying Quality

Along the same lines, the quality of adoption consultants can vary drastically. Since there is no regulation or review, figuring out the quality of any given adoption consultant’s work is a hard thing to do. While an adoption consultant may claim things that sound good, such as low wait times, there is no way of verifying this information.

Asking questions is one of the best ways to determine if an adoption consultant is legitimate. Having a handy adoption professional tool with you when you’re speaking with an adoption consultant can help sift out any possible red flags.

Additionally, you can carefully read adoption consultants’ reviews and seek out references from past clients to clarify whether they will be trustworthy and helpful to your circumstance.

Lack of Services

Adoption consultants can only give helpful information.

They cannot perform the necessary tasks to complete an adoption, which means that at some point, you will still need to hire another adoption professional to complete a placement legally. Often, full-service adoption agencies are able to fulfill the role of an adoption consultant and provide the services and support necessary for a successful adoption, so hiring a consultant is just an added (and unnecessary) expense.

How a Good Adoption Agency Can Provide Better Service than an Adoption Consultant

full-service adoption agency like American Adoptions can provide expert guidance while also being able to complete the adoption for you. This eliminates the need to jump between many different professionals during the adoption process.

When a family works with an adoption agency like American Adoptions, their adoption specialist is their consultant through the process. Adoption specialists are trained and certified. Their work is reviewed and held to high standards through state adoption laws and regulations. They can advise, counsel, encourage and support adoptive families throughout the adoption process while also completing the actual requirements needed in an adoption.

A family’s adoption specialist will understand the ins and outs of their case better than anyone, and the adoption specialist is the best person to turn to for advice.


To learn more about how our adoption specialists guide families through the adoption process, or to begin your adoption process today, you can get more free information online or when you call 1-800-ADOPTION. A helpful adoption specialist will be happy to answer your questions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to retain our own attorney?

No, American Adoptions has established relationships with some of the best adoption attorneys in the nation. Because adoption laws vary from state to state and between counties, it is important to utilize the services of an adoption attorney who specializes in the state where the adoption will finalize, which is unknown until you match with an expectant mother. You have the right to retain your own attorney, but doing so may be an additional, unnecessary expense.

Can we choose the gender of our baby?

American Adoptions does not allow gender specificity in adoption. Any family who wishes to be gender-specific in their adoption should contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION and ask about the possibility of an exception waiver before taking any other steps toward adoption with our agency. Any families who do receive an exception to be gender-specific may also incur an additional fee, which helps cover the additional advertising costs of such a request.

Please note that gender specificity will likely increase your wait time significantly.

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