Financial Protection for Adoption Disruptions

And How We Limit Them Altogether

We understand how much of a commitment adoption is for adoptive families, both emotionally and financially. Many of our families have saved up for years to grow their families through adoption, and losing these funds in a disrupted adoption could severely affect their dreams of becoming parents.

It is inevitable that a small percentage of women pursuing adoption change their minds and decide to parent, leaving these families emotionally disappointed, and with some agencies, financially devastated. But not with American Adoptions.

Not only does American Adoptions do everything we can to limit adoption disruptions, but we also offer unique adoption disruption insurance through our Risk-Sharing Program.

How Does American Adoptions Limit Adoption Disruptions?

A disruption or failed adoption is when a pregnant mother ends her adoption plan with an adoptive family, and instead chooses parenting, another family or another agency.

American Adoptions has one of the lowest disruption rates among all adoption professionals because our Adoption Specialists:

  • measures pregnant mothers’ commitment levels to adoption before creating their adoption plans

  • are available 24/7 to help women stay committed to adoption during difficult times of the process

  • mediate contact between the pregnant mother and adoptive family to foster their relationship

Finally, American Adoptions is one of the only adoption agencies whose adoptive families all have their own Adoptive Family Video Profile, which have created stronger bonds between families and birth mothers.

How Does American Adoptions Financially Protect Families from an Adoption Disruption?

Occasionally, a prospective birth mother does change her mind about her adoption plan.

To ensure adoptive families in this position have the chance to adopt again, we developed our Risk-Sharing Program. Since its inception, this adoption disruption insurance has refunded 100 percent of the lost fees in 98 percent of those families’ adoptions, including:

  • living expenses

  • prenatal care expenses

  • termination expenses

  • and more

In the event of an adoption disruption, your money is refunded directly back to you so you can adopt again or take a break from pursuing adoption. While we can’t completely eliminate emotional disappointments, we can eliminate financial ones.

To learn more about how we limit failed matches and about our adoption disruption insurance program, call us at 1-800-ADOPTION or click the following for free adoption information.

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