Picture and Letter Correspondence with Birth Parents

How Our Agency Keeps Your Correspondence Confidential

American Adoptions asks all of our adoptive families to sign our picture and letter agreement, which promises birth mothers pictures and letters of the adopted child…

  • once within the first 30 days of birth
  • twice per year for the first 5 years
  • once per year around the child’s birthday from ages 6 to 18

How Do We Keep Our Identifiable Information Confidential?

Most of our adoptions are considered “semi-open,” in that we protect your identifiable information, including your last names, home addresses and email addresses. Picture and letter correspondence is mailed to American Adoptions, which is then forwarded to the birth parents, to preserve confidentiality agreed to in your adoption plan.

In more “open” adoptions, you and the birth parents may agree to send correspondence directly to one another, but only if both parties are comfortable with this relationship.

What Does the Birth Mother Want to See in this Correspondence?

When sending adoption pictures and letters, be sure to include a variety of photos of your child: school portraits, photos of your child playing sports, holiday pictures, and any other activities the birth mother would enjoy seeing.

Also, remember the birth mother chose your entire family, so be sure to include photos of your child with you and your other family members!

What About the Birth Father?

In some cases where birth fathers are involved, the adoptive family will be asked to send in more than one adoption letter and picture package so that both the birth mother and birth father can receive updates. The birth parents also have the option of sending correspondence back to the adoptive parents in the form of letters, pictures and/or small gifts. 

Where Do We Mail Our Correspondence?

Exchanging adoption pictures and letters through our agency is easy. Simply mail your items to:

American Adoptions
Attn: Pictures and Letters Department
9101 W. 110th Street Ste. 200
Overland Park, KS 66210

Be sure to include the picture and letter correspondence form that includes your full name and the birth mother’s first name along with your pictures and letters. This information is for internal use only and will not be forwarded to the birth mother. If you do not have this form, please contact Michelle Downard at 1-800-ADOPTION so she can send you the form.

Once received, our agency will repackage your pictures and letters and mail them to the birth mother from our agency address.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

All picture and letter correspondence is already covered in our adoption fees. This includes handling, packaging and shipping. Some adoption professionals charge families each time they mail pictures and letters to the birth parents.

If you have any questions regarding your picture and letter agreement, or when you are due to submit your correspondence, please contact Michelle Downard at 1-800-ADOPTION.

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