Explaining Adoption Living Expenses

And How American Adoptions Regulates Them

Birth mother expenses, or “living expenses,” are the court-approved moneys provided by adoptive families to birth mothers to help cover their pregnancy-related costs.

Depending on her state’s adoption laws, a birth mother may be eligible for living expenses to help pay for items such as rent, utilities, transportation, food, maternity clothes, cell phone and more.

Why Are Birth Mothers Entitled to Living Expenses?

Living expenses are not a way of paying the birth mother for choosing adoption; living expenses are a way of subsidizing her income and providing financial assistance during her pregnancy if she needs it.

Many birth mothers work fulltime jobs, but as they continue further into their pregnancies, the less hours they are able to possibly work. Living expenses help subsidize their income and must meet state laws and regulations.

How Does American Adoptions Handle Living Expenses?

Our Adoption Specialists oversee most of the living expenses provided to birth mothers. In most circumstances…

  • rent is paid directly to the landlord
  • utilities are paid directly to the utility companies
  • groceries are provided via reloadable gift cards

As you can see, this process is highly regulated not only but our staff but also by our adoption attorneys, making sure all funds are being spent appropriately and handled legally within the state’s laws. And remember, if the birth mother you are working with chooses to parent, all living expenses you’ve paid will be refunded to you through our Risk-Sharing Program.

If you have more questions about living expenses, or why birth mothers receive living expenses and how American Adoptions regulates them, call 1-800-ADOPTION or click the following to receive free adoption information.

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