Preventing Adoption Disruptions

Most families considering domestic adoption worry about birth parents changing their mind. They may think the organization they choose has little effect on an adoption disruption, but this choice can have a dramatic effect on the success of an adoption.  You can and should choose an organization that takes necessary steps to prevent adoption disruptions.  

What contributes to adoption disruptions? Most often, a lack of counseling and conversation with  pregnant women. Below are reasons why adoptions fail with some adoption organizations:

  • Counseling or case management is provided by staff without counseling or social work related degrees.
  • Counseling is provided by a counselor who may be experienced in adoption but who doesn’t have much experience working with birth parents.
  • A small percentage of adoption professionals in organizations actually counsel birth parents; the rest provide other services like home studies or legal counsel.  Of those few professionals who do counsel birth mothers, many do not work with more than 10 women per year, so they may not be as experienced in supporting birth mothers.
  • The organization doesn’t make counseling or case management mandatory. Some adoption professionals only offer counseling “if the birth mother needs it” or have deemed it an optional service.

Why is counseling for birth parents important, and how does it help prevent adoption disruptions?

Unlike many attorneys and law centers, established adoption agencies know that every birth mother experiences a range of emotions while making her adoption decision and also understand that some birth mothers think they don’t need counseling. But adoption counseling and case management is necessary to help pregnant women sort through present emotions and prepare for future emotions.

To understand the need for adoption counseling or case management, think about the many emotions birth mothers feel in the initial stages of their pregnancy. After these initial thoughts, there are still many more emotions a counselor and case manager can help with. American Adoptions knows that counseling and conversation with a pregnant woman helps her make the best choice for herself and her baby.

We offer our peer counseling services 24/7, and each birth mother is assigned a social worker who oversees her case beginning to end and truly knows her needs, concerns and hopes for herself and her child. This support leads to more secure and successful adoptions and fewer adoption disruptions.

 To learn more about how American Adoptions works to prevent adoption disruptions, call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an Adoption Specialist. Read How We Minimize Cost and Financial Loss to learn how we protect adoptive families in the event of a disruption.

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