Adoption Costs and Fees

When considering adoption, many worry about the costs associated with choosing adoption. With questions about medical costs, legal fees and other adoption costs, many wonder if they can afford to choose adoption. 

Adoption Costs for Birth Mothers

There are no adoption costs for birth mothers choosing adoption. Most women who create an adoption plan can receive some financial assistance for expenses during their pregnancy. State laws vary, but in most states, adoptive parents are able to provide financial assistance to birth parents for living expenses such as rent, utilities, food, transportation and maternity clothes. In addition, additional adoptions costs for counseling, legal feels and medical bills during pregnancy and delivery are provided by the adoptive family. Birth parents who are concerned about the financial cost of choosing adoption should share their concerns with a qualified Adoption Specialist, who will help them develop an adoption plan that addresses their financial needs. To speak with an Adoption Specialist at American Adoptions, call 1-800-ADOPTION.

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Adoption Costs for Adoptive Families

While researching adoption, families can become overwhelmed and confused about adoption costs. For many adoptive families, setting an adoption budget and determining how to pay adoption fees is one of the most stressful and important steps in the adoption process.

Families considering adoption should consider several important factors when determining their adoption budget:

  • What adoption costs are included in the adoption fees paid to our adoption agency or professional? While some agencies include fees for items such as advertising or legal services, some adoption professionals add adoption fees for these services later. Families should ask what services are included in their fees and what additional adoption costs they will be responsible for.
  • What variable adoption costs and fees should we budget for? What adoption fees are at risk? Some of the biggest costs in adoption are those related to the unplanned pregnancy itself. These items include medical bills, maternity clothing and other items, such as rent or groceries. American Adoptions also allows families to set an adoption budget so that they will only be matched with a birth mother whose needs do not exceed their adoption budget. Adoptive families may prefer to work with a professional that will protect their funds in case a birth mother changes her mind and decides not to pursue an adoption plan. American Adoptions offers a Risk-Sharing Program, which covers families who have already paid medical, legal or living expenses before the disruption.
  • What financial resources are available to offset our adoption costs? Financial resources include the federal adoption tax credit, military subsidies, adoption grants, adoption loans and other financial resources.

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