Mystique's Adoption Scholarship Story

I plan on completing an Associate’s Degree in Spanish, then transferring to a four year university to complete a degree in Education.  With these two degree plans complete, I will have better comprehension in the secondary language of the region I live in, an be in a good position (by teaching) to possibly influence young girls and boys to make better decisions.

In the area I live, teen pregnancy is common and so is child abuse.  The majority of child abuse cases I hear about on the news involve children of teenage mothers. I want to make a difference and help prevent child abuse. I hope to be an advocate of adoption to teen mothers in some small way.

I am a single mother and to this date have received only four months of child support during my daughter’s life.  The course I need to take over the next three to four years will mostly be available during the day. I don’t want to work at night because this will deprive my daughter of our valuable time together. Embarking on this endeavor for a better life will cut into the amount of income I can earn.  I will need financial assistance to make this possible.

Mystique’s Adoption Story
If only more people were open to adoption, this world could be just a little better.  I have always known that adoption would be my “Plan B” in the case of an unexpected pregnancy.  The day came too, when I had to decide on “Plan B.”  I have no regrets as I know it takes more love to give up a child than to keep a child.  Adoptive parents are heroes in my world and what a shame to have heroes lined up and so many children and single mothers or parents who can’t care for their children, yet somehow they don’t always meet up and help one another.  Our welfare system is overloaded with the burden of so many families and in many cases, the pregnancy was unwanted.  Imagine if more birth mothers knew how much better off their child would be in the hands of a couple who can provide for that child everything he or she will need.  Because of my “Plan B” and the team at American Adoptions, the adoption was worry-free for me.  I sleep well at night knowing my son is in the best hands, those of his adoptive parents, a.k.a. my heroes.

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