Erin's Adoption Story

As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I knew I wasn't in a position to give my baby the life they deserved. I contacted American Adoptions, and after I filled out some paperwork, they began to send me information about potential families. My boyfriend and I decided on important qualities and keywords and our search became much more specific. We had a small pile of "maybes," but as soon as I read about Adam and Suzanne, I knew they would be the perfect parents for my child. They seemed like a combination of all the best aspects of my boyfriend's family and my family. I wanted to contact them right away, but we still hadn't told our parents yet that I was pregnant. I drove home for the weekend and gave my father some surprising news for his birthday, but both our parents were very loving and supportive of my decision. After we told our parents, I was ready to tell Adam and Suzanne that they could expect a beautiful baby girl in six short months. They were overjoyed, and we slowly got to know one another over email and phone calls.

I wanted to meet Adam and Suzanne prior to the birth, so they flew to Pensacola about three months before the baby was due. We spent the weekend talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. They were able to attend a doctor's appointment with me on Monday before their flight left, and it was wonderful to see how emotional both Adam and Suzanne became upon hearing her heart beat for the first time and watching her squirm on the monitor. After we said very tearful goodbyes, I knew they were the parents I wanted for my child, and I felt very comfortable knowing my daughter would be loved immensely by these two wonderful people.

Three months later, I was attending a play at a local college with my boyfriend one Saturday night when the cramps I had been feeling all day became much worse. It was ten days before my due date, so we went home where I labored until about midnight when I felt certain the baby was coming, and It wasn't merely falst labor. We went to the hospital and six hours later, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. My first call was to Adam and Suzanne. They arrived the next day and were overjoyed when I placed Vivian in their arms. I signed the papers and left the hospital a frew days later. My parents arrived with my brother and grandmother and were able to meet Adam, Suzanne and Vivian before the new family went home to Pennsylvania.

It was very emotional, but I knew I made the right decision for my daughter. She will have a life far better than any I could home to provide, and she has loving, supportive parents who will nurture and guide her. It has been over a year since I placed my daughter with Adam and Suzanne, and the updates I receive reassure me that she is happy, healthy and well loved.


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