Advantages of Adoption for Pregnant Women

How One Decision Positively Affects You and Countless Others

One decision.

That’s all it takes to change not only your life but also the lives of your child and two hopeful parents forever.

Those who work at American Adoptions and other adoption agencies are able to see the advantages of adoption for themselves every day, but women facing an unplanned pregnancy are often unaware of these advantages – at least at first.

Adoption provides countless advantages for pregnant women, the children they place for adoption and the adoptive families who are eternally grateful for the opportunity to become parents – all from just one fateful decision.

Advantages for Women

An unplanned pregnancy may halt a woman’s education, career and other goals she wants to accomplish before raising a child. To make things more complicated, she may not have the finances or a partner to help raise the child. Many women can’t imagine getting an abortion, but they also know they aren’t ready to become a parent at this point in their lives.

By choosing adoption, a woman is allowed a second chance at receiving her education, beginning or continuing her career, or even getting married, all while ensuring her that her child will be raised by loving parents. For most women, knowing that their child is safe and happy is the biggest benefit of all.

A 1998 study reported that unwed mothers who chose adoption had more success later in life than women who chose to be single parents. Women who chose adoption:

  • were more likely to finish school.
  • were less likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance.
  • were more likely to marry and less likely to divorce.
  • were more likely to delay marriage and other children.
  • were more likely to be employed a year after the baby was born.
  • were less likely to be pregnant again out-of-wedlock.

If you are considering adoption, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to still be a part of your child’s life. Open adoption allows birth mothers the opportunity to stay in contact with the adoptive family and their child through pictures, letters, emails, phone calls and sometimes even visits. You’ll be able to see firsthand that your child is happy and can help reassure him or her that you chose adoption out of love.

Advantages for Adopted Children

Adopted children experience the advantages of adoption every day. Your child will grow up in a loving family of your choice, and he or she will have opportunities and resources that you might not be able to provide at this stage of your life. Growing up in a two-parent home with parents who have been ready to raise a child for years ensures that your child will have a wonderful childhood full of opportunities and many other advantages.

A study about being adopted reported that adopted children had greater health, more one-on-one attention from a parent and were more involved in extracurricular activities. Research shows that adopted children grow up as well-adjusted as their peers, especially when they have continued healthy contact with their birth parents.

It’s common for pregnant women to worry what their child will think of them, but one day your child will be grateful for your courageous decision. Today’s adoptions are more open, in that you will have opportunities to stay in touch with your child through pictures and letters, or even periodic phone calls or visits. Your child will grow up feeling loved by both you and his or her adoptive parents and will carry that love and confidence wherever life leads.

Advantages for Adoptive Families

It’s estimated that more than 10 percent of families face infertility issues. Many spend years and thousands of dollars seeking unsuccessful infertility treatments before they realize that what they want most is to become parents. For these families, and others who cannot have children biologically for other reasons, the first advantage of choosing adoption is a reassuring feeling of hope they haven’t felt in a long time.

During the adoption process, adoptive families are reviewed to be sure that they’re emotionally and financially ready to be parents. Their completed home study ensures that their home is a healthy and safe place to raise a child.

And once they have become parents through adoption, many feel that they’re finally living out their life’s purpose. After such a lengthy and involved adoption process, a birth mother can be assured that the adoptive family is ready and excited to become parents. Countless adoptive families say that they will never take for granted the opportunity and privilege it is to raise a child.

Only you are able to help an adoptive family out there, whom you’ve never met, reach their dreams of becoming parents.


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